Best Honeymoon Hotels in Canary Islands, Honeymoon in the Canary Islands

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Best Honeymoon Hotels in Canary Islands, Honeymoon in the Canary Islands…

When it comes to choosing where to go on your honeymoon, the Canary Islands, with its warm year round climate and beautiful beaches have become a popular destination. Made up of a selection of different islands the Canaries have something to offer everyone, from the smaller islands with their natural beauty and amazing wildlife to the larger islands with their bustling resorts and action packed activities.

The Canary Islands have always been popular as a destination for both couples and families alike, with visitors mostly drawn by the wonderfully warm climate that remains all year round. Because of this the resorts found here seem to be lively at all times, offering a wealth of evening entertainment, beach activities and sports at any time of the year. The stunning coastline around the islands offer a variety of beaches, from the smaller more remote kind where you can sneak off to a quiet corner and be reasonably alone to the larger, more popular beaches where seeing and being seen is part of the fun.

For honeymooning couples the beaches are definitely a big draw, especially some of the resort beaches where you can treat yourself to a beach side cocktail while working on your tan. If you want to stay away from the big crowds then it might be worth choosing the island of Fuerteventura. Here you`ll find miles and miles of golden sand where you can relax and unwind together. And although you`re away from the bigger bustling cities, here you`ll still find great restaurants and bars to enjoy the local cuisine. Take advantage of the great water sports here and do some snorkeling or scuba diving to experience a vast and colourful underwater world.

If you are a couple who like to join in with the action, head to the popular resort of Playa de las Americas found in Tenerife. This busy resort attracts couples, families and groups, mainly because there is so much to see and do here. The resort is made up of 6 beautiful beaches with a host of water sports readily available. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs so you`re guaranteed a good night out, or the host of restaurants serve both traditional dishes like Paella and fresh lobster and seafood.

Canary Islands

Canary Islands

There are also some amazing hotels to choose from here, with resorts offering villas, apartments or spacious rooms with a balcony or terrace. For a luxury aparthotel try somewhere like the Marylanza Golf Resort and Spa, where you can take advantage of a variety of pools, sporting activities and a wellness centre for a relaxing massage. If you prefer a romantic room with a balcony overlooking the promenade try the Cleopatra Palace Hotel. The views from this hotel are gorgeous and the wide range of facilities means you will have plenty to do.

The local airport, only 15 minutes away by taxi, is served by flights from many UK airports, so getting here is relatively easy too.

Florida Beach Vacations, Panama City Beach

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Panama City Beach is a small city in Bay County, Florida with its 8.000 residents. Despite its being small, it has been a popular place for those who want to enjoy the emerald green water of the Gulf of Mexico for years. Panama City Beach, which shares the same name with the city, has a 27-miles length and it seems like heaven as a result of the combination of green water and sugar white sand.

Due to The Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport which opened in May 2010, many national airways have started direct flights to Panama City Beach, FL. So, It is easy to arrive by airplane and this means you don’t have to drive if you are coming from a long distance. This naturally solves your parking problem now that you don’t need a car.

Since there are numerous hotels and different types of accommodations, you can easily find a place to stay. You can see the hotels lying beside the Panama City Beach, which let you enjoy different attractions during the time that you are out of the water. They can also supply you with a comfortable room with a lot of amenities at reasonable prices.

You can also enjoy lots of attractions in Panama City Beach. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum and 4D Motion Theater is a place full of miracles. It lets you feel the atmosphere of a Hollywood movie. Golf lovers also visit this heaven like place especially in winter in order to go on the joy of playing golf.

People in Panama City Beach are always friendly to the visitors and they always help people who need anything. You will absolutely feel as if you were in your hometown, while walking in the downtown, shopping, and having fun in Panama City Beach.

Virgin Islands Vacation, Best Virgin Islands Beaches

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Are you aware of US Virgin Islands? Maybe, you don’t even know that such a country exists. If you know it, you probably hear it because of Tim Duncan. But actually, there is a country called so and it has pretty high tourism revenue compared to small area of it.

Virgin Islands consists of three main island that are called Saint Croix, Saint John and Saint Thomas but there are a number of smaller islands as well. These bunches of islands are situated in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, a bit east of Puerto Rico.

Even though, the set of islands are quite isolated, one can arrive in the country by plane since there are two airports belonging Saint Croix and Saint Thomas.

Also, there are cruise ship trips that bring 2 million visitors to the country every year. Due to this easiness of international transportation, Virgin Islands has variety of newcomers from all around the world such as the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, France, India and the United States. Those people who have different ethnicities surely have reasons for traveling to the US Virgin Islands.

US Virgin Islands

Let us list you a few of those reasons. First of all, the US Virgin Islands is a great place to lie down along the long, white sand beaches and enjoy the taste of the sun. Also, the sea is as clear as the pure water, therefore, you would not want to get out of the sea while swimming and also the islands have a mild weather overall. Beside of the summer activities, there are plenty of national parks and coral reefs in the country such as Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument and the Buck Island Reef National Monument. And this feature also makes the US Virgin Islands a beautiful diving centre.

Since the US Virgin Islands is considered to be a green country in terms of its natural beauties, it is quite possible for visitors to have an ecological trip as well. All in all, the US Virgin Islands has the all variety of alternatives for a vacation. You can hike, sunbathe, play golf in various courts, go on an ecological trip, and dive in this set of islands, which is an indication of an amazing holiday.

Myrtle Beach Attractions, Best Beach Vacations, South Carolina Best Destinations, Best Family Beach in the US

Myrtle Beach, SC, an excellent beach vacation along the US East Coast in South Carolina, presents you with so many attractions that you must take more than one visit to this wonderful travel destination. There are so many Myrtle Beach attractions like the world’s biggest sculpture garden, amusement and water parks, championship- as well as mini-golf courses, a wonderful aquarium, live theaters, amazing sightseeing, shopping, and affordable resorts to name just a few.

With more than 123 golf courses here, Myrtle Beach, SC, can easily be called the nation’s golf capital. The Atlantic Ocean’s crystal blue blends perfectly with the powdery white sands at the Myrtle Beach. To understand why Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area is so popular, it is awesome to know that this area attracts more than twice tourists that Hawaii enjoys! You will see more than half a million people on a single summer day enjoying Myrtle Beach various attractions. Myrtle Beach attractions have made South Carolina as the second best vacation destination in the United States, next only to Florida. It’s also well-known as the “Best Family Beach in the US”.

Some Of The Myrtle Beach Attractions Are:

Myrtle Beach Waves Water Park

This is South Carolina’s biggest water park, which is spread over 20 acres of swerves, curves, and waves. It attracts more than a quarter million visitors every year. The Myrtle Beach Waves Water Park has 32 rides, Ocean in Motion Wave pool, and a slow ride around the park, the LayZee River. There is also the Bubble bay, which is a 7,000 ft. leisure pool. Other attractions are the saturation Station, which has waterfalls, splashes, and slides. Read more

San Diego Attractions, Mission Bay San Diego, Vacation to San Diego

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Mission Bay

The San Diego’s Mission Bay Park area is one of the most beautiful artificially made places in the US. These San Diego attractions consist of the 4,600 acres of the once swamp area, which has been turned into an area full of recreational activities for children and adult visitors. In the 1960s, this area was a sprawling swamp, but after dredging, the authorities transformed it into a beautiful bay area. It has turned into such a lovely place that millions of visitors from all over the world has come here again and again.

San Diego Attractions At The Mission Bay Park Area

Mission Bay park area is the biggest artificial (manmade) water park in the United States. There are plenty of water activities and amusement centers across the almost 27 miles of bay front area. The Mission Bay Park area consists of approximately 4,600 acres, out of which about 45 per cent is occupied with land and the rest contains water. The Mission Beach park area is spread across all these areas and offers plenty of activities for the visitors.

There are also the very beautiful beaches like the Pacific Beach and the Mission Beach which are extremely popular tourist destinations. The beach lovers and sun-seekers turn out in millions to enjoy its all-year-around ocean-side fun and water activities. While the paddleboats, sail boats are seen in plenty, there are also the kayak lovers, Jet Skiers, and water skiers enjoy hours of ocean fun, there is a separate area for the powerboat lovers. Read more

Cocoa Beach Florida, Cocoa Beach Vacations, Florida Best Beach Vacations

Cocoa Beach and the town, rightly called the quintessential beach town, is one of the best if not the best, on Florida’s beautiful Space Coast. It is only an hours’ drive east of Orlando. The drive leading to it is amazingly beautiful like the Cocoa Beach itself, and you will absolutely enjoy.

Cocoa Beach and the surrounding Space Coast area will be an unforgettable experience for you and your family. Your family will love the Cocoa Beach vacation here as they spend beautiful moments, and every day will be absolutely exciting. Even a business trip here will be quite memorable!

Florida’s Cocoa Beach vacation offers great family pleasure at a low cost. This extremely affordable vacation destination is full of spectacular sunny relaxation, exciting fun, and crowning joy. Deep-sea fishing and parasailing are other exciting features of the entire Space Coast that you will definitely enjoy. Enjoy the relaxing river tour as you watch see the stunning beauty of the sea life and the marine flora and fauna of Florida. The casino cruise ship here may prove to be another profitable excursion for you! Read more

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