Best 3 Places to Live in the USA, Cheerful Outdoor Life in USA, USA’s Best Places to Live

December 1, 2008 by  
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It is kind of tough determining the three best places to live in the USA as there are a lot of factors that determine the ‘best’.  Here we will talk about 3 such places that have great potential in every respect.

1. Plymouth (Minn.): This is a lush green place that has a population around 70,000. Some great benefits of staying here are the best schools, affordable housing, availability of good jobs and also a very active and cheerful outdoor life. It is quite close to St.Paul and Minneapolis and has got great potential of Twin City’s suburb. Since the education infrastructure is ranked among the top three of the state, you have no worries of your children at all. It is a very good residential area with the Hilde Performance Center, lakes and Mall of America – the biggest mall. Read more