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Prague ( Praha in Czech ) is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic . In the past it was the capital of Czechoslovakia . Central Bohemia is situated on the Vltava River and has a population of 1.2 million . According to statistics from the business world , in addition to this number, 300,000 people are living in Prague without official registration . Prague, by a wide audience is shown as one of the world’s most beautiful cities . Prague, the “Golden City “, ” Left Bank of the nineties “, “Legend City” , “Mother of Cities ” and ” The Heart of Europe ” is referred to by names such as .

Another characteristic of Prague II. So is not damaged in World War II . In this way, many historic houses and accommodates space . These included St . Vitus Cathedral is also located . Tourism in the area is more popular in recent years .

Since 1992, the historic center of Prague , the United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO ) ‘s World Heritage list are located.

On 15 March 1939 , Adolf Hitler ordered the German Army to enter Prague and Prague Castle in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia a German protectorate which has been declared . In most parts of the history of Prague, Czech, German and (mostly Czech and / or German-speaking ) Jewish population of the city has been a multi-ethnic . In 1939 the country was occupied by Nazi Germany during the Second World War , most Jews were deported and killed by the Germans .

USAAF bomber in large numbers by the end of the war Prague suffered. 1,000 people were injured , 701 people were killed , buildings, factories and historical landmarks were destroyed hundreds . May 5 , 1945, four days before Nazi Germany’s surrender , an uprising against Germany occurred . Four days later, the Soviet 3rd Shock Army entered the city . The majority of the German population either fled or were expelled from the country by the post-war Beneš decrees .

Things to Do in Prague

• Prague Castle : The structure of the world’s largest historic fort first in our list of things to do in Prague ranks . Castle 570 meters long and 130 meters wide. Read more .

• Old Town Square, Prague ‘s oldest and most important square, Old Town , was established in the 10th century . The square is surrounded by many historical building . Read more .

• Charles Bridge : built on the Vltava River is the city’s famous bridges . The bridge was built in the 14th and 15th centuries most of the tourists are among the structures shown interest . Read more .

• Astronomical Clock : Another icon in the list of things to do in Prague structure. Located in the Old Town Square watch his animation monitored every hour . Read more .

• St . Vitus Cathedral Prague is one of the most important and biggest churches . Cathedral located within the Prague Castle , as the burial place of King kullanılmaktadır.deva my old Prague .

Wenceslas Square • Prague is one of the main city square . The square that is the center of business and culture from the past many historic events took place . Read more .

• Dancing House : Drunk structure , also known as Home of our list of things to do in Prague is another icon . Used in office buildings are attracting the attention of tourists . Read more .

• Tyn Church (Eng : Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Czech : Týnský Chrám ) : Prague is the best-known churches . The construction of this gothic church started in the 14th century but only able to be completed in 1511 . Gothic exterior architectural elements are used in the interior design of the church is of baroque effects . Front of the church is a building, called Tyn School and church entrance is here. Protestant Church of Tyn Church , which towers 80 meters in length.

• Municipal Building ( Eng : Municipal House, Czech : obecnie dům ) : Prague is located in a cultural center and concert hall . At the beginning of the 20th century were built with the new art style interior of the building is well preserved . In 1383 King Wenceslas IV of this area actually hosted sake is made . Used as a military academy after it was destroyed in 1903 . On top of this six -year study was conducted in 1911 .

• Powder Tower (Czech : Prašná Brandee ) on our list of places to visit in Prague is one of the oldest buildings . It is one of the old city gates and a Gothic tower . The structure of the symbols of the city , is located in the Old Town . The tower, constructed in 1475 in the city is one of thirteen door . When the construction of the tower was done in conjunction with the palace . However, this situation had moved to Prague Castle King Vladislav Jagenllonsky is değişmişt . As the city lost its importance in the 17th century , the tower was used as a gunpowder store .

• State Theatre in Prague : Prague theater is one of the most important buildings . At the end of the 19th century building which was built in the Czech Republic has been a symbol of freedom and culture . Read more .

• Prague National Museum : National Museum of Prague is established in 1818 . Natural history, history, art, music and library objects are exhibited about 14 million units . Read more .

• St. Nicholas Church ( Lesser Town ) in our list of things to do in Prague is the most important baroque churches . Dome of the church and the choir part of 1737 – 1752 was completed between . Read more .

• Jan Hus Monument ( Eng : Jan Hus Monument ) is a monument located in the Old Town Square . In 1915, Jan Hus monument was built to commemorate the 500th death anniversary . Jan Hus was born in 1369 in the church who criticized during his lifetime and was therefore one is told to change their minds . It burned in 1415 was killed for refusing . The monument was designed by Ladislav Salo is made completely public economic support . Religious thinker , philosopher and all over the world with innovative Jan Hus monument that has been made memorable .

• St . George’s Basilica (Czech : Sven ‘s Basilica . Jiří ) : a list of things to do in Prague is the oldest basilica . The basilica was founded in 920 by Vratislaus II . As the name suggests, the basilica was dedicated to St. George . Basilica of St . St. Benedict . By addition of George’s Abbey was expanded in 973 . Within the building is currently the 19th century, is home to the National Bohemian Art Gallery .

• Convent of St Agnes : is one of the oldest monasteries in Europe . Which is the oldest Gothic building and structure in the Czech Republic , the sister of King Wenceslas II St . By Agnes 1231 – 1234 were made between the years . Purpose of construction of a house is the poor women . Convent of St . Agnes is actually a complex of buildings . Located in two buildings . For poor women and the other one is for Franciscan monks . The monastery today the National Gallery (National Gallery) is used by .

• Rudolfinum : Vlatava a music auditorium is located on the river bank . Neo-Renaissance style structure built is located at Jan Palach Square . 1876 ​​- 1884 were built between the years . After the National Theatre in Prague is the most important neo- renaissance building . My Rudolfino , today is home to the Czech Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra . Orchestral classical music concerts throughout the year Dvorak Hall serves .

• St. Nicholas Church ( Old Town ) in our list of things to do in Prague is another important church . Frescoes in a church located in the Old Town Square , with iron craftsmanship and interior design attracts attention. Read more .

• Royal Garden : Prague Castle is located in the royal gardens . Created for those who live in the castle in the 16th century but the garden was opened to visitors in 2002 . Read more .

• Petrin Hill (Eng Petrin Hill ) is a hill overlooking Prague . Previously used as a hill of King Charles looked for adults and children, there are many places to be . Hill , a television tower and miniature Eiffel Tower is known . Mirror Maze is one of the places that can be seen here . The structure consists of a hall of mirrors that caters to both adults and children . You can also join the tour at the hill . Hill rose garden is a spot not to be missed .

• Golden Lane (Czech : Zlata ulička ) : Prague Castle is located in a small alley . According to a legend on the street metal into gold , alchemists tried to . But the facts known to have lived in the 17th century goldsmiths and the street is that given this name because of this . In the 15th century , the Golden Lane are up to 11 historic homes . Street entrance fee . But it is not just the entry ticket . Prague Castle after receiving tickets can also see this street .

• Lesser Town Bridge Towers: Someone other Charles Bridge Lesser Town ( Mala Strana ) are located in the tower . From the entrance to the Old Town section were located in the Lesser Town . The tower was built in the 15th century . Building was inspired by the Old Town Bridge Tower . Judith Lesser Town Bridge Tower Towers is the other . Judith Bridge , which is the only remaining part of Prague Tower, has been damaged due to floods in 1342 .

• Karl Square (Eng : Charles Square, Czech : Karlovo náměstí ) in the list of things to do in Prague is one of the most important squares . Is located in New Town . The square is built on 70,000 square meters, is the largest square in central Europe . The main purpose of the establishment is to give the city a cattle market . But then, this function has been changed. Established in 1348, the time of Charles IV in 1860 the park has been transformed into a portion of the square . Today is a very central point occurred and several subway and tram lines pass through here.

• Church of Our Lady Victorious (Child Jesus of Prague , Czech : Kostel Panny Marie Vítězné ) is a church in Prague . The church itself is related to the history of the city of Prague . The exterior design is baroque style . In fact, in Prague, was the first church built in this style . In 1613 by Giovanni Maria Filippi . Originally called ” the Holy Trinity ” ( Holy Trinity ) is. A victory in 1620 as a gift is given to the Carmelites and the way we see it today was named Lady Victorious Church renewed