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Being married and thinking of a destination to go for the honeymoon is not a worry at all. In fact USA is the perfect place to go to as it has got plenty of fascinating and interesting places which can surely make a unforgettable honeymoon for a couple. That is a person can get involved in so many activities apart from relaxing in any of the destinations respectively. The top three honeymoon destinations in USA are mentioned below.

1. Hawaii
Hawaii has remained the number one honey moon destination for several years. Several people visit each year, not only for honeymoon but otherwise in different seasons too. The reason is that it is blessed with so many magnificent beaches, beautiful sceneries and that a person can indulge in various activities as well. A couple can really enjoy watching the different waterfalls which provides a amazing and breathtaking view. They can enjoy their time while lazing down on the beach in the after or even go for walking along the shore too. If a person is fond of playing golf, then he can visit any of the golf courses and play as much as he like.

Hawaii has got six islands and each of them provides a unique experience for the visitor. That is one can go for volcano hiking on the Big Island, do surfing in Oahu and watch whales in Maui respectively.

Hawaii Beach Vacations

Hawaii Beach Vacations

2. New York
New York is a vibrant and a sprawling city in the USA. Numerous couples spend their honeymoon here every year. The various areas within New York have got different shopping malls where a couple can do shopping and purchase anything of their liking at with all the deals and the bargains too. A couple can even ride through the central park on a carriage which is really good experience indeed. They can visit and explore many fascinating places like the Broadway, Times Square, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum and the Brooklyn Bridge respectively.

3. Florida
Florida is situated in the south-eastern part of USA and is referred to as the Sunshine State as well. It weather here is tropical to subtropical and perfect for those who like mild temperatures. Florida has got many beautiful and popular beaches and a person can get involved with activities while being there. That is he can take a hot air balloon ride or a jet boat ride, swim with the dolphins and do scuba diving as well.

Best Florida Beaches

Best Florida Beaches

Florida has the got the best honeymoon spot which is the Walt Disney World where the couple get the best vacation packages for their entire trip. They can even travel to Key West and Miami to enjoy the beauty and the other activities too. On the other side, there are several famous restaurants to enjoy the different cuisines and a notable one is the Ritz- Carlton located at Palm Beach respectively.

Therefore, USA is without doubt the preferred choice of many couples or newly weds from across the world. It is better that they make their reservation in advance and then enjoy their time at the various popular spots in the top three honeymoon destinations in USA.

Top 3 Christmas Beach Vacations in USA, Best USA Vacations

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The nation, an assortment of many states, covers a wide natural area and is a saucer placed between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. So it is easily deduced that beaches come in plenty here and so do beach vacations. It would be a job to get through one and all and so it is prudent to pick out the best.

Hawaii is heads and shoulder above all else due to its natural beaches bamboozled with beauteous belles. Good temperature and excellent vacation arrangements make this a Christmas haven. However, one feels forced to allow for early planning as otherwise the rates go far out of reach. Read more