World’s Best 3 Zoos, World’s Best Zoos to Visit, Best Kids Vacations

December 1, 2008 by  
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You might be an animal lover or not, but a zoo is always the center of attraction for all the kids and adults. There are not just extinct animals in the zoo but also numerous varieties of birds and vegetation. What makes a zoo popular and favorite might not always be wildlife but also the environment and location. It is difficult to choose just a few from such a population but then also these zoos have managed to fascinate the old and young alike:

1. Royal Melbourne Zoo: This is one of Australia’s oldest zoos that leave the tourist spellbound. It is spread over a huge area and is considered safe as well. It consists of an Australian bush area, African and Asian rain forests, the World of bugs and a butterfly house. National Award for Excellence was awarded to the Trail of the Elephants exhibit. If you are adventurous you can try out the Roar a Snore overnight camps. There are various cafeterias inside the zoo where you can relax with a cup of coffee. Read more