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Located in California, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a world within itself with as many as 35000 different colorful ocean creatures. A visit to the Monterey Bay would overwhelm a person with the beauty that exists beneath the blue waters as well as a vast amount of knowledge that is there for the taking through the exhibits and guides.

A usual trip is of 3 hours, but one can plan a quick one hour tour through the aquarium as well. However, given the variety at display, a single tour would never be enough to appreciate the various forms of ocean creatures preserved at this aquarium. One can also take membership of this aquarium for a small fees which would be paid off in as less as two trips to the aquarium with the family. Members get special trips, behind the scene sessions and a beautiful and informative newsletter.

The best part about the aquarium is their planned itinerary which takes the tourists through a range of informative programs, ranging from knowing more about the albatross, to quiz on sea otters, and short and informative films on jellies, tuna, sharks and sea turtles. One could also take a trip through the deep dark waters of Monterey canyon in special submersibles. One could also go through an interactive session where they see experts feeding sharks, penguins and sea otters, and watch the Outer bay feeding of barracuda, tuna and bonito, learning about the conservation efforts ongoing for these underwater creatures.

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The aquarium also has other interesting activities planned for tourists. Students can go for a trip of the cannery and the history of fishing. Family activities are planned over nights letting them sleep over next to their favorite exhibits. Students can go for adventurous sails at sunrise and sunset in a sailboat and conduct some research along with the Aquarium naturalists. Students can also go for a trip to interact with the sea creatures on exhibition in the mornings. Underwater exploring is also planned for kids between 8 and 13 who can scuba dive and get a fish eye view of the life under the water. One can also learn a lot about the staff of the Aquarium in a 50 minute behind the scene tour.

The cost of the tickets is around $18 for children and around $30 for adults. In this Aquarium, one could learn a lot about life on a sandy shore, or a rocky shore, in the deep waters or in the Outer bay about the most mysterious to most beautiful of animals. The Aquarium staff also share their knowledge about the habitat of the animals, the conservation efforts to preserve the rare species etc. through well captured videos.

Aquarium Adventures Programs;
Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Family Seashore Sleepover
Youth Group Seashore Sleepovers
Morning Rounds
Fishing for History: A Cannery Row Tour
Sailing Adventures: Day Sails
Sailing Adventures: Sunset Sails
Underwater Explorers

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is located in Monterey at the west end of historic Cannery Row, just minutes from Carmel and Pebble Beach. Monterey is approximately 125 miles (208 km) south of San Francisco and 360 miles (600 km) north of Los Angeles.

World's Best Aquarium

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Disney’s California Adventure Park, World’s Best Adventure Parks, Best Vacations with Kids

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Disney’s California Adventure Park is one of the newest entertainment parks of the Disneyland because it has been in the entertainment sector since 2001. It encompasses an area of 220,000 m2 in which it has Disneyland Park and several hotels. That’s why it might take several days for you to spend your vacation here.

The most evident feature of the Disney’s California Adventure Park is that each region takes after California’s famous places to sightsee. These regions include: Sunshine Plaza, Hollywood Pictures Backlot, The Golden State, A Bug’s Land and Paradise Pier.

Disney’s California Adventure Park couldn’t get much attention from the people when the complex first initiated its entertainment service. Rumors about lack of attractions and rides for the youth, being more expensive compared to other Disneyland Parks are the reasons why it wasn’t crowded as much as the others.

Provided that you like adventure, you will enjoy every moment of your trip in Disney’s California Adventure Park because attractions and rides in this Disneyland are designed in purpose of feeling of adventure. But if adventure is not your cup of tea, we can assure you that Disney’s California Adventure Park is not your place. Still, there are some attractions in the family range. But you are the one who is supposed to decide whether these attractions are worth trying. Not only does administration of the Disneyland keep renovating all of the attractions but it also adds new ones as part of their giant expansion plan worth of 1.1 billion dollars.

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In addition, since there isn’t bulk of people out there, you will not have to wait for a lot of time to use some attractions. Besides, you have the opportunity to withdraw money at any time because enough ATM machines are put in various places for your use.

Don’t worry; there will be photographers at the gate of the Disney’s California Adventure Park so as to immortalize your memory of Disneyland and the smile on your face.

Don’t you know where to visit first? You had better have Disneyland Resort guided tours then. But you got to be quick while booking your tour because they don’t usually have many empty spots.

You can get detailed information about Disney’s California Adventure Park at Disney’s official web site…

Address: 1313 S Harbor Boulevard Anaheim, CA 92802

Laguna Beach Vacations, USA’s Best Beach Destinations, Best Beach Vacations

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Southern California offers an excellent vacation area, Laguna Beach. It is located between Los Angeles and San Diego and offers a golden sandy area and fresh water. The sunlights drop in your soul while you are lounging in the hammock. It attracts a great attention with its warm weather.

Laguna Beach, is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in southern California. The city has good hotels, unique shops and restaurants, world famous art galleries and art festivals. Many movies and TV shows have been filmed here.

Laguna Beach consists of 30 beaches. Scuba diving, sailing, bird watching, surfing, and beach volleyball are the most preferred activities here. If you prefer outdoor activities, you have an access to hiking, cycling, golf, tours, and picnics. Laguna Beach is a popular weekend vacation in Southern California.

Aside from activities, if shopping is inseparable part of your vacations, Laguna Beach presents a variety of them. You can find clothes, hand-made jewelleries, and antique shops. Besides, there are art galleries in which the works of artists are exhibited. Festivals are also held in Laguna Beach, which is well known by people all around the world. Read more

Christmas Vacations in California, Christmas Vacations in Disneyland in California

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With Christmas time approaching, have you and your family been planning a Christmas vacation? If not, you had better hurry up it is never too late to make your plans for a wonderful Christmas vacation in California. There are over thousands of discount packages to California for the holidays on the market that are awaiting you. Many of the hotels are offering special rates so that you will be able to celebrate your Christmas vacation in California.

California offers a wide variety of Christmas entertainment. From The Harbor Christmas Parades, an old-fashion parade that has millions of decorations and lights you will be able to say that you have see the Christmas parade in the California-style. In addition, the Roaring Camp Railroad offers a special Holiday Lights Trains that ventures from the top of a mountain down into the town. Or if you are just wanting to sit back and relax you can and listen to some of the worlds most amazing musicians at one of the several Christmas concerts that are taking place throughout each city of California.

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Newport Beach Family Vacations, Newport Beach Vacations with Kids, USA’s Best Family Vacations

It is not always easy to make everyone in the family happy while taking a vacation. But, Newport Beach ends up your worry and provides everybody to be happy whether he is young or old. The best examples of family activities are held here and fun does not go away even a minute.

Newport BeachEnjoying in the beach is the most preferred activity in Newport Beach. The summer months enliven the beach, so every member of your family finds anything for entertainment. You can swim, ride a boat or challenge with the waves on a jet ski with your partner, children or with your friends. The beach includes many activities for the kids. For example, they can not only play in the sand or around the water but also take the pleasure of the little swimming pool of the hotel.

Secondly, Balboa Fun Zone is another area of entertainment for the whole family. Everybody can find anything special for him in this area. Especially, the kids do not want to leave here once they experience the Balboa Fun Zone. Having a variety of areas, Fun Zone reminds itself when you plan your vacations that you can not disregard.

Thirdly, rollerblading is among the best activities in Newport Beach. You need to rent a rollerblading whose size differs from children to adults. You do not worry about the place to use rollerblading since you can use it sidewalks in the beach, in many places as well.

As the happiness of your children is more important than everything, you try to find the best entertainment for them when you are in vacation. Newport Beach serves this comfort up to your children in the Toy Boat. Known as the most entertaining place for the kids, Toy Boat includes so many toys and activities that you can find yourself in it.

At the end of the day in Newport Beach, your last destination is the comfortable restaurants where you can relax and eat delicious foods.

To sum up, with its various types of activities, Newport Beach will be indispensable address of your vacations and memory. The more you walk around the Beach, the more discovering new activities will excite you. We are sure that Newport will be an unforgettable experience while you are leaving it.