Britney Spears in Hawaii Pictures, Britney Spears Bikini Photos

Britney Spears gets close with her boyfriend, Jason Trawick, as they take a swim Maui, Hawaii. Britney Spears was spotted soaking up the sun and enjoying the crystal blue waters at the beach in Maui, Hawaii with her new boyfriend Jason Trewick. Britney Spears wore a bright green bikini to show off her hot beach bod.

The couple, who are on a break in Hawaii together, were pictured frolicking in the sea together, sharing tender hugs and kisses. They enjoyed another beach trip, with Britney unveiling her toned beach body after managing to get her dancer’s legs back in just two weeks. Read more

Carrie Underwood on Vacation to Bahama, Celebrities on Vacation

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In Bahamas was seen the bikini clad Carrie Underwood. She was on a vacation to Bahamas and stayed at the Cove Atlantis Resort. Many saw the sexy Carrie in a bikini showing off her perfect beach body. Carrie is 26 years old and is the champ of American idol. On her vacation she was truly relaxing kissing the dolphins, wading in the water and sunbathing.

The pictures of the hot babe are all over the internet and can be seen on various popular sites. She herself wrote on her fan club website to tell her fans how much she was enjoying on the vacation in Bahamas. She said she wanted to write this so that all the people who would read it would be jealous of her. She told her fans that it was a breezy morning and the sun was bright.

Celebrities on Vacation

Carrie Underwood also wrote that she got herself a bronze colour that day. She is of the opinion that this is the best vacation that she had taken in a very long time. She was showing off her bikini body and also her tattoos. She wore a two piece, beige coloured bikini. She truly was relaxing after finishing the filming of, “Carrie Underwood: An All Star Holiday Special”

Carrie Underwood also performed and hosted a holiday special of two hours on FOX. There were guest stars on the shoe like Brad Paisley, Dolly Parton, Kristin Chenoweth, Christina Applegate and David Cook. The show is made by Mike Darnell who is the president of the alternative entertainment at Fox and Simon Fuller. Carrie attempted comedy and also involved her family members; her sister, mother and her dog, thus, making it a family show.

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Miley Cyrus Bikini Vacation in Miami

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In December this year, the Disney star, Miley Cyrus celebrated her 17th birthday in Miami. She is on a tour at the moment because of the promotions of her new album. She took a break from the hectc routine and from the pole dancing and enjoyed herself in Miami at the Fountainbleau Hotel. She was spotted wearing a bikini and relaxed on the poolside of the hotel with her friends.

Seeing her in the bikini many people noticed a tattoo of “Just breathe” under her breasts. Considering the fact that this was her 17th birthday, she would have had her parents sign the permission slip for her before she got the tattoo done. This tattoo is for her friend who died a few years ago because of Cystic Fibrosis. This is the slogan of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Considering this one cannot deny that it is a good tattoo that the Disney Star has got and it is not the name of her boyfriend or anything else.

Miley Cyrus Miami

Miley Cyrus is very famous for her music and much more than she is for similar pictures of her in a bikini. She has become very popular as she performs in music concerts all throughout the country and has a large fan following.

Miley Cyrus Bikini

On her birthday Miley was surprised by her BFF co-star Mitchel Musso. On her birthday this year, she had a themed birthday party where she dressed like a prostitute. She dressed in the same way as Julia Roberts dressed in Pretty Women. The party was attended by Constantine Maroulis and also by the cast of Rock of Ages, the Broadway musical. Read more

Top 3 Celebrity Hideaways, Celebrities on Vacation

So many times it happens that when we think of where to take a vacation we think of the places where our favourite celebrities would be taking one. Though most of us cannot afford to spend a similar amount on a vacation as they do but we would love to go to a place where we can catch their glimpse. Following are the top 3 places where you can find your favourite stars holidaying.

A favourite holiday destination of the stars like Janet Jackson, David Beckham, Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, Michael Douglas, Steven Spielberg and many others is Necker Islands. These islands are small islands which are owned by Sir Richard Branson who is the chief of Virgin. The luxury was added to the island by its owner and before this these were sand beaches and tropical forests. Extremely expensive, these holidays are the ultimate in luxury. There are bedroom villas, personal chef, private beaches, tennis courts and a lot more. The island was bought by the Virgin chief for his family. He developed it over a period of time and now it is open for public. At one time it can accommodate 28 people and is given to one group only. It is a completely luxurious holiday which you are bound to enjoy with your friends and live life the way your stars live.

Celebrity Hideways

Another favourite holiday spot of stars like Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Hugh Grant, and Paris Hilton is St. Tropez in France. This is a famous summer holiday destination of the rich and the famous. Though the place is crowded in summers but it surely is the best time to enjoy the sandy beaches here. One can stay at the Chateau de la Messadiere and party at Plage de la Voile Rouge. To watch the glamorous people you can go to the Harbour of Riviera. The nightlife of this place is great and there is plenty to do here like windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, water skiing and much more. It is a very fashionable and charming and is a must visit in France.

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