Tips to Ensure Stress Free Travel, Stress Free Vacation Tips and Ideas

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Tips to Ensure Stress Free Travel…

It’s full of excitement, anticipation and stress, but you needn’t let travel woes spoil the enjoyment of a trip; far better to be relaxed and enjoy it. Reduce travel stress by following these few simple tips.

It may be boring, but packing is an essential process. Start putting things aside well in advance and pack clothing and items appropriate for your destination.

Check your itinerary and double check all transport arrangements before you set off. Whether you`re travelling by bus, taxi, train, plane or boat, know where you need to be and when. Think about timings and allow plenty of time in case you get caught up in traffic delays, diversions and queues.

Confirm details with travel companies the day before departure. Many airlines and ferry companies operate telephone and online services where passengers are able to check schedules in advance to ensure services are running and to be informed of any delays.

Save time on the day and make the most of online check in features if available. Be sure of restrictions on baggage such as details of forbidden items, the number of items of luggage allowed per passenger and abide by any weight limits that are in place.

Keep travel documents, in a safe but easily accessible location. Make sure you have remembered all the essential documents such as tickets, passports and currency and know what identification is required to travel, checking that it will be valid on the date of travel. Do be sure that you are covered by an appropriate travel insurance policy, having checked the small print and that it is suitable for your destination, length of stay and any risky activities you may wish to participate in.

Clearly mark your luggage with some distinguishing features such as brightly coloured tags. This makes it easier to spot on carousels or in baggage holds or if you are unfortunate enough to be parted from your bags or suitcases, this could make it quicker and easier for you to be reunited.

If you are travelling with children, make sure you have plenty to keep them occupied prior to and during travel. Remember to pack favourite toys or teddy bears to avoid tears or tantrums and take plenty of books, games, drinks and snacks. It is also worth familiarising yourself with the nearest toilet facilities.

Read up on your destination for ideas of what to do when you arrive, including local transport, customs, language and currency. It is also important to keep yourself and your valuables safe when travelling so utilise safety deposit boxes where available. UK airports offer plenty of advice and amenities to help you on your way while allowing to you time to relax and enjoy your trip.

Top Tips for a Cheap European Travel (Part I), Cheap European Travel Tips

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Europe is the preferred and a dream destination for every traveler. But traveling to European destinations these days can cost too much money unless you know how to get great deals on everything. Avoid traveling during the peak season to save money. In Europe, traveling, staying, food, and medical expenses can be high, so get early advance information of how you can save on these expenses. There are many ways that you can save and still be able to take that dream vacation to Europe with your family!

The internet can be a great tool to gather information about how and where to get cheap travel bookings, which route will cost you less, which are the seasons to travel to save much money, and so on.

Travel Agencies
There are travel agencies that will offer discounted airfares if you book early. Even the airliners themselves offer great discount prices on selected routes or during selected months. You can also get discount family fares and there may be other discounted fares for young children. You can travel to some European gateway hub cities, like London or Dublin, and from there, you can get cheap airfares to other European destinations. A round-trip ticket will usually cost less than the normal rate. Also, a stopover in these hub cities will be a great way to see the attractions in that city cheaply! Read more

Top Tips for a Cheap European Travel (Part II), Cheap European Travel Tips

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Please read the first part of the Top Tips for a Cheap European Travel (Part I).

Travel light! Get a good backpack and pack only those that are absolutely essential. The backpack will come handy and will save you lot of money when you carry the bag yourself instead of asking for a porter. When you carry only a backpack, you will not pack lot of unwanted things. A light backpack will also allow you to trek a lot more and, therefore, save money.

Instead of taking cash, carry your credit card. It is advisable to carry two credit cards because when you start buying many things, your credit card company may think the card is stolen, and may block it, leaving you moneyless in a foreign land! Simple things matter, like carrying a bottle of water with you will save money on soft drinks and on buying expensive mineral water while you travel.

Cheap European TravelVisit East European Destinations
Western Europe travel will always cost you more than traveling to the East European cities. Cities like Greece and Portugal are also very attractive destinations and will cost you a lot less than, for example, cities like London and Paris.

It is said that the Eastern Europe is more beautiful and has some of the best affordable travel destinations. The culture, heritage, man-made and natural wonders have so much to offer to the western world than the western European cities that one will wonder why they did not travel to these destinations before! Also, as these parts of the Europe are so affordable that you can see more places, or save much money while enjoying your vacation there. Read more