Honeymoon in Costa Rica, Romantic Honeymoon Costa Rica

October 24, 2009 by  
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Have you ever thought why plenty of people prefer to spend their honeymoon vacation in a county of Central America called Costa Rica? We know that they have valid reasons for a honeymoon in this little country and we are here to present you those factors that lead people to fly overseas for just a week holiday.

Costa Rica literally means “Rich Coast” in English and the country exactly justifies why it is called so when you arrive there since there are lots of diversity in terms of species. Among the reasons for Costa Rica’s being the first honeymoon vacation preference of most people, there are environmental facts, geographic possessions and variety of tourism activities such as surfing, hiking, swimming etc.

Costa Rica is ranked 5th in the Environmental Performance Index in the worldwide. It owes this success to its enormous efforts to protect the ecology. Likewise, this little country is the most caring country for the environment according to the Happy Planet Index, which ranked them 1st due to its citizens’ happy life and the amount of resources of Earth Costa Rica consumes. In addition, the government is determined to make the country carbon neutral. For this purpose, they declared an ecologic strategy to attain this tough goal. These features clearly explain why they have such a motto called “Pura Vida!” meaning Pure Life.

Costa Rica’s geographic beauties include islands, waterfalls, fluctuating hills and volcano craters that attract millions of people each year. Besides, they have some national parks and protected areas that contribute to ecotourism revenue. Therefore, you cannot get bored during your honeymoon vacation in Costa Rica.

It is also important to note that couples might have difficulty in deciding how to spend their vacation in Costa Rica due to great deal of options such as sunbathing in long sand beaches, marching in rainforests, climbing peak of astonishing mountains or even relaxing in luxurious spas of reputable hotels.

So, if you are a new bride and groom, you should definitely visit Costa Rica for your honeymoon vacation because it is where combination of romantic, passionate and exotic holidays takes place. Believe it or not but it will not be your last visit to this green country.