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Best cruise destinations and popular cruise holidays

Once upon a time a cruise holiday was the preserve of the rich and influential. Not anymore. Now that going on holiday has become accessible to the majority of the population many more people are opting to take a cruise as a welcome respite from budget airlines and stressful travel arrangements. Whether you`re a honeymooning couple, a family or simply a group of friends who want to visit a wide variety of destinations without the hassle of airport transfers, budget hotels and erratic public transport, you will find a relaxing cruise package which will give you exactly what you want from your holiday.

So what are the best cruise packages available today? It absolutely depends on what you want from your holiday. No matter where you want to visit there will be a cruise package that will take in some of your favourite regions most stunning locations and with a full complement of activities and facilities to keep you entertained throughout your voyage it is one of the most relaxing ways to discover and explore new places.

While there are numerous packages and destinations for your cruise here are some of our favourites for a holiday that you will never forget. For those who like colder climes the Norwegian Fjords are a breathtaking destination. The scenery is simply magnificent and there are natural wonders at every turn as you sail through the majestic fjords. Of course, one of the main attractions is the opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, a magical experience whoever you are.

Best Cruise Packages

Best Cruise Packages

If you want white powdery beaches and sparkling sea, not to mention warm sunshine everyday then the Caribbean is the place for you. With island hopping and water sports as the order of the day it`s little wonder that this is one of the most popular cruise destinations for sun worshippers and action fanatics alike.

The Mediterranean is another cruising destination which guarantees year round sunshine and a fascinating variety of different cultures to explore. It`s also a great option for history buffs as most cruise packages offer stops in some fascinating cities and locations, such as the Greek Islands, Rome, Venice as well as hotspots such as Barcelona and Turkey.

Best Cruise Destinations

Best Cruise Destinations

For people who enjoy exploring different cities then a Baltic cruise will give you the opportunity to visit fascinating places such as Helsinki, Stockholm, St Petersburg and wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen. All of these cities offer incredible culture and are full of history. There are even opportunities to spend some time chilling on the beach too, Kristiansand features a number of beaches along it`s coastline which are popular all year round and beautifully warm during the summer months.

For the extra wow factor you simply cannot beat a cruise to Alaska. It`s just as if you`ve stepped into a fairy tale book with awe-inspiring glaciers, stunning marine wildlife and adventure at every turn. The best bit of a cruise, however, is that it really doesn`t have to be expensive. With today`s excellent availability on cheap cruise holidays the adventure of a lifetime is within easy reach.

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Information about; best Mediterranean cruise lines, Mediterranean cruise ships and Europe cruise destinations.

Cruise packages are more popular than ever, with many new routes available and holidays that are suitable for younger people and families. Modern cruises include everything from onboard windsurfing through to cold weather cruises to Norway. There are plenty of innovative off-board activities and excursions for all. It`s not surprising that the popularity of the cruise continues to go from strength to strength and that many younger people are trying them for the first time and becoming hooked.

Nowadays, of course, many people book their holidays and cruises online and the advance of technology means that comparison sites can help you find the best prices and make bookings quickly and easily. This is useful when you know exactly what you need and wish to make a speedy booking.

However, when it comes to cruises, the personal service of a travel agency can still work very well and offer additional value that online booking cannot. Many of the largest cruise websites are best used for carrying out initial destination and service research, rather than booking directly. A good travel agent will be able to have a conversation about your requirements, wishes and aspirations and use their knowledge and experience to recommend cruises and routes that you might otherwise not have considered. They will be tailored to your budget, lifestyle and expectations. Many people just pick one cruise line and then never deviate from it, when actually there could be other options that would suit them better.

Best Cruise Packages

Best Cruise Packages

A travel agent can be useful too for first-timers who are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice available. Online searches don’t always provide in-depth information – or even particularly reliable information – but a travel agent will have the knowledge and experience needed. A good agent will also guide you through choices and offer extra insights and money-saving tips, such as the cheapest time of year to go. Additional requirements such as special accommodation, food preferences, excursions, spa treatments and other reservations can also be organised at the same time.

Those who want the ultimate in luxury will find various lines that offer top-of-the-range dining, service, deluxe accommodation and superior spa facilities. There will be large suites and small state rooms, along with facilities such as sports courts, sun decks, swimming pools and much more. Those travelling with families will find cruises that offer cinema facilities, larger family rooms, child-friendly menus, bowling, kids clubs and other attractions to entertain everyone. Winter cruises may involve more functional vessels, but there will likely be buggy rides, bike rides and other exciting modes of transport for exploring remote stop-offs along the way.

Questions to ask yourself when considering your cruise booking include the time of preferred travel (winter seasons tend to be cheaper, but you may find last-minute summer offers if you book at short notice), which destinations you’d like to visit, your ideal duration for the cruise, the sorts of entertainments and facilities you’d like to enjoy and where you’d like to begin the cruise. For example, the P&O Oriana has cruises that depart from Southampton and it is a beautiful cruise liner designed for British tastes, with plenty of attractions, including an award-winning onboard restaurant.

The Most Popular Destinations in Moscow, Things to Do in Moscow

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Moscow is world-renowned for its architecture and magnificent sights and settings, making it a great vacation destination. Deemed one of the biggest urban areas in the world, Moscow is also the largest city in Europe. There are a countless number of things to do and places to visit in the busy city, from museums to cathedrals to an intricately-designed transportation system.


One of the most popular destinations in Moscow is Red Square, featuring an extensive mix of attractions. Located within Red Square is Lenin’s Mausoleum, which contains the embalmed body of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Soviet Union founder. The Square was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1990 and was historically used to house the city’s premier marketplace. Found at the heart of Moscow’s major roadways, Red Square is often regarded as the central square of the entire country.


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