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Europe is famous for its spectacular seascapes and mountain slopes. The breath-taking views and hillsides will set a challenge to any trekker out there. What better way to see it all, but with a two-wheel phenomenon that’s revolutionalized the art of traveling. Biking has become a fad to most tourists and has become one of the better options to see the sights.

Biking in Europe is great alone, or with a companion. But first things first, you can’t use a bike to cross the seas. We have to figure out where to go and what to expect on the trip.

Biking in EuropeLake Garda: Where is the best mountain biking in Europe? The answer is “Lake Garda”. One of Italy’s most scenic and well-known lakes, Lake Garda lies at the foot of the Trentino Alps, and at its northern end lies the resort of Riva del Garda, an attractive mixture of ancient and modern. The mountains around Lake Garda offer plenty of possibilities for tough workout on your bike. Every year around the end of April and the beginning of May, the area around Riva is the venue of the Bike Festival. Read more