Spain Perfect European Family Vacation, Spain Best Beaches, Best European Family Vacations (Part I)

Spain provides you the perfect family vacation destination in Europe. Although family vacations to Europe can be very expensive, Spain is comparatively quite affordable. For the money you pay, the exceptionally top rated attractions in Spain are worth experiencing. Spain is a popular tourists’ destination and millions from around the world travel to this fascinating land. The best times to visit Spain are during fall and spring. The spring is especially very beautiful.

Best Beaches Of Spain

Costa del Sol
The beaches in Spain enjoy year-round sunshine, hence there are many visitors flocking to the Spanish beaches. Costa del Sol presents lovely sand that you will enjoy, and the calm Mediterranean Sea will give you the experience of extraordinary warmth. The beaches here can get quite crowded due to the brilliant manmade and natural scenery all-around and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea coast. You will watch breathtakingly beautiful women in attractive bikinis, wandering joyously on these beaches in full sunshine! Read more

Spain Perfect European Family Vacation, Best European Family Vacations (Part II)

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Capital of Catalonia, Barcelona

Barri Gotic and Catedral de Barcelona are as much for kids as for adults. The latter offers a beautiful panorama of the old city. Sardana, the Catalonian folk dance, is another attraction that should not be missed. It is performed on Sundays in front of the church. Barcelona is home to Museu Picasso, the famous artist, so have a treat of some magnificent paintings! Parc de la Ciutadella Zoologic is the best zoo in entire Spain. It has more than 7,500 animals, among them, many endangered species. Watch the beauty of Barcelona from the top of Mirador de Colon, a monument to Columbus.

Barcelona Modernisme has preserved the modernism of the pioneers of anarchism and nationalism of the 19th century. The other top-rated attractions in Spain are:

Alhambra, Granada…
You will find here the reflections of the Moorish civilization that once flourished. The Islamic beliefs were strengthened under the Moorish kings who once settled in Alhambra.

Segovia’s Aqueducts…

These monuments are preserved to depict the power of the Ancient Roman Empire. The monument is a wonder because the stones that make this monument have no mortar or concrete to hold them together! These are just some of the wonderful attractions that greet you as you take the perfect European family vacation! Read more