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Bonjour! The city of dreams… You are about to go to the most romantic place on Earth—France! France has all the places that one would love to go to, for whatever purpose you may have for your trip. This country is blessed with sights and food that you will enjoy with the one you love and with your family as well. So if you are a big fan of art, cuisine, and fashion, fly off to France!

But to make the most out of France, you need to plan your stay there for at least a week, for there so much to see and learn from there. The people, their language and culture are one of the major highlights of the place. You see, France itself is a work of art. Talented artists have their works there recognized and get their major influence and inspiration from there. One of which is the Louvre Museum, where the ever famous Monalisa and other distinct works of Leonardo Da Vinci and other famous artists are found. Or maybe the Cathedral of Chartres, which has been famous for its religious and historic pictures that one can gaze upon to get to know more of France. Read more

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Santenay is a French municipality with approximately 900 inhabitants, lies in the south of the Côte de Beaune and belonged to the Département Côte d’Or. Because of its wines Santenay is world-wide well-known.

The place has some sources of welfare, therefore Santenay is famous as therapeutic bath. At the Roman time the municipality “Sentilliacum” was called. The name it owed to one of its sources, the Santana. At the end 19. Century were there still four wells, i.e.: the Fontaine Salée (salty source translates) the Santana well, the Carnot well and the lithium well. Today only the two latters are in enterprise. The water receives much lithium, which admits for its heilsame effect is. As frequent with therapeutic baths, it here also a Spielcasino gives.

The vineyards of Santenay cover a surface of 390 hectares, about which 140 hectares are Première Cru situations. One produces 1.500.000 bottles annually, of it 95% red wine from the Rebsorte Pinot Noir. The weisswein is made of the Rebsorte Chardonnay. The red ones are firm and structured wines, which often a clear Gout you terroir exhibit. La Comme is one of the point situations with increasing depth in the age. Also the Villages situations are very well made wines.


Since 21 May 1970 Santenay practice-practicing that orders the status of a Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée. The Château de Santenay. On the remainders of a wooden attachment plant, those at the end 4. Century developed the Château existed there. It was to in 9. Century the center of a large Karolinger domain. The powerful tower from that 14. Century was built by Philippe le Hardi (duke Philipp the bold one of Burgund (1363-1404)). At this time the lock also a ditch was put on approximately.

The roof was decorated before 25 years with the typically burgundischen colored bricks. Church Eglise Saint Jean de Narosse. The church became end 12. Century builds. The choir and the two chapels, “Chapelle Saint Michel” and “Chapelle de la Vierge Marie” are established in gothical style and date from that 15. Century. Mont de Sène of the hill of the Mont de Sène (also Montagne of the Trois Croix called), with its height of 521 m ue. NN, one has a fantastischen remote view over the Saône level up to law and the alps.

On the basis excavations one could prove that the Celts the plateau already in 6. Century v. Chr. inhabited. During Roman occupation large temple was built in honours of merkurs. From this time one can see statues in the museum of Autun. Since 1993 the Mont de Sène is a protected area. Canal you Centre Santenay is to Centre because of the Canal you. This centralFrench channel forms Loing with the channels Canal de Briare, Canal you and Canal latéral à la Loire a channel chain, which makes for the inland waterway crafts and sport boats possible a transition of the Rhône and the Saône to the Loire and to its.

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Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It’ s history, culture, excellent restaurants, superb wine and beautiful walks make Paris a perfect destination for a vacation. Paris, the city of light, has many of the world’s most visited attractions,. Among them, the Eiffel tower, the Louvre palace, the Notre-Dame cathedral and the near-by Versailles palace are truly unique. The business district of La Défense with the Grande Arche from Danish architect Otto von Spreckelsen testifies to the economic and artistic vitality of Paris.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is  the universal symbol of Paris. You may go early in the morning to avoid the crowds and pop the question atop the Eiffel Tower after enjoying the beautiful views of Paris.

A unique opportunity to discover the diversity and authenticity of agriculture in France, the International Agricultural Show looks forward to welcoming you between 23 february and 2 March, at Paris expo- Porte de Versailles.

Paris hosts 180 museums and sights open to the public, mostly from 10am to 6pm. Some propose a late opening on one day. National museums are closed on Tuesdays, except Versailles and Orsay closed on Monday.

Champs Elysees

Bastille Quarter & Bastille Opera: Landmark of the French Revolution better known today as a hip district hosting the new opéra.

Opera: The original one built by Garnier in 1875 & Opera Bastille from 1989.

La Concorde: This vast and elegant symbol of reconciliation after the revolution displays the 3000 years old Luxor’s obelisk.

Notre Dame: The major french religious building, masterpiece of gothic architecture.

Place des Vosges/Le Marais: A famous early 17th century square with some of the most beautiful parisian apartments in the middle of a middle-age district.

Arc de Triomphe: This arch was built in memory of Napoléon’s Great Army at the top of the Champs-Elysées.

Les Invalides

Saint Sulpice Church: The Church of Saint Sulpice, the famous location of the Da Vinci Code.

Versailles: The Sun-king palace in Versailles is half an hour by train from Paris.

Disneyland Paris: The first leisure/theme park of Europe.

Invalides: The major dome of Paris hosting Napoleon’s ashes is part of a majestic hospital ordered by the Sun-king.

La Defense: The 21 st century skyscrapers business district erected outside the western city-limits of Paris was recently enriched by the spectacular Grande Arche.