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Safranbolu is a town and district of Karabük Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It is about two hundred kilometers north of Ankara and about a hundred kilometers south of the Black Sea coast, or more precisely about 9 kilometers north of the city of Karabük.

Former Turkish names of the town were Zalifre and Taraklıborlu and in Greek Saframpolis. The Old Town preserves many old buildings, with 1008 registered historical artifacts. These are: 1 private museum, 25 mosques, 5 tombs, 8 historical fountains, 5 Turkish baths, 3 caravanserais, 1 historical clock tower, 1 sundial and hundreds of houses and mansions.

Also there are mounds of ancient settlements, rock tombs and historical bridges. The Old Town is situated in a deep ravine in a fairly dry area in the rain shadow of the mountains. The New Town can be found on the plateau about two kilometers west of the Old Town.

The name of the town derives from ‘saffron’ and the Greek word ‘polis’ (city), since Safranbolu was a trading place and a center for growing saffron.

Today saffron is still alive at the village of Davutobası which is 22 km east of Safranbolu and probably one of the best quality saffron in the world.



Information about Safranbolu houses:

Safranbolu houses, 18 and the 19th century Excellent architectural examples that show the lives of the Turkish society.

Economic prosperity, the crowd of family structure and rainy climate, the effect of these structures, the “five-sided architecture referred to as” works of craftsmanship.



Enriching the narrow cobbled streets, neighborly relations Safranbolu houses in the foreground, reveals hundreds of years of experience cumbalarıyla, narrow windows, the rich interior decorations responds to human needs.
Historic houses; 2-3 floors, 6-8 rooms, each room with many windows and all rooms are buildings with great detail.



The houses are made on the land in whatever way, is provided on the upper floors with great mastery of geometric integrity.

Safranbolu is a wealth of cultural, every detail of the house reserved. Aesthetic use of stone, wood, masonry mind-boggling quality, set up indoors pools, stairs and door knockers.

Safranbolu doors by men of foreign mallet (şakşakla), foreign bayanlarca bracelet door, the latch will be played by the people returned home from the outside.

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Located along the coast of Mediterranean, Side is one of the fastest growing holiday places in Antalya Turkey. Under the shining sun, Side offers azure blue to its visitors.

Side has historical places dating back to ancient times. Built in 167 A.D. by architect Zeno, Aspendos is a famous theatre. It has 40 rows of marble banks in it used to accommodate 15,000 people. It was built as a gift to the city, and it has been preserved well for now. The other attraction is the Temples of Apollo and Athena. Dedicated to Athena and Apollo, the temples were built in the second half of the second century A.D. To add, you can visit Byzantine hospital, built in 6th century B.C. and Nymphaeum . The main beauty of Side is its waterfall named as Manavgat. The refreshing voice of the waterfall on your ears, you spend your time in its restaurants and shops, buying carpets, jewellery and leather goods.

Turkey BeachesIt is famous for ancient baths named spa. A steam sauna and heated rooms are available under the floor, including refreshment rooms. Leisure activities in the area include horse riding and white water rafting. Also, you can spend your time with water sports.

For the ones who like night life, there are many options to choose. It has a lively bars and clubs in the coast. OXYD is the biggest disco in Side.

Side has many hotels differentiating according to prices. In The Sunrise Queen Hotel with five stars, you will see the service and facilities with high standards. Hotel is situated right on the beautiful sandy beach. Located in Kumkoy, Papillon Muna has 294 standard rooms ‘120 hotel rooms, 174 bungalow standard rooms’. Situated right on the beach in Titreyen Göl, The Grand Prestige Hotel is an ideal place to relax. Located in Manavgat, Linda Hotel has 165 rooms, 330 beds. 2 restaurants, 4 bars, disco.

All in all, by stepping towards Side, you see the historical glory and natural richness. For your vacation plans, make a point to visit this place while in Turkey.