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The modern world just doesn’t seem to stop bleeping. Be it the sound of a vehicle reversing, a message on a mobile phone or a myriad of other technological inputs that both enhance our lives and drive us ‘cuckoo’. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave most of it behind when taking a holiday? Sure it’s good to keep in touch, but it’s also important to recharge the batteries. If, as the saying goes, ‘a change is as good as a rest’ a camping holiday may be just the thing.

It’s not all about ‘Carry on Camping’ these days with gusts of wind launching tents like kites or impregnable ground snapping tent pegs like small twigs. Most modern campsites allow you to get away from it all, yet offer a degree of comfort and flexibility too.

The sheer vastness of Canada suggests an outdoor culture is popular with many of its inhabitants. This is certainly true. Torontonians like nothing more than leaving their magnificent city behind and heading ‘up country’ to the wilderness that is northern Ontario.

That said, there are many camp sites around, virtually all with electric hook-ups, connections to drinking water and access to wash rooms. With the basics in place, the Canadians can then concentrate on important matters such as kayaking, horse riding, climbing, scuba diving, sailing and windsurfing; just to name a few.

No holiday season in Britain is complete without the legions of camper vans, caravanners and other outdoor enthusiasts taking to the country’s major roads. They are easy to spot; just look for the extended driver side wing mirrors poking out like tentacles, or the inside lane of the motorway saturated with these slow-moving mechanical creatures.

Camping is big business in the UK. The sites all offer good facilities which generally include a communal pub or community room and offer campers the chance to mix if they so choose. In that great old British tradition, watch out for the mobile fish and chip wagon bringing you the ‘daddy’ of fast foods. Delicious!

Cisano Holiday Park

Cisano Holiday Park

Camping is worldwide. From the slopes of the Himalayas to the soaring cliffs of Acapulco, people just want to enjoy being in the outdoors. It’s the same in Italy; it’s not all designer hotels and family run pensions tucked away in narrow winding streets.

For example, visit Lake Garda and the San Vito/Cisano Holiday Park. It’s a Eurocamp complex with direct access to this, one of Italy’s prime waterfronts. There’s plenty to do by way of entertainment, yet you can almost hear the silence pouring from the lake at the close of day. Use it also as a spot from which to tour, or just unwind and let your mind flow like the water. Interested? Then have a quick look at one or two of the many San Vito / Cisano Holiday Park reviews that will have you scrambling for the map of northern Italy!

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Italy’s mouthwatering pasta and irresistible Italian wine are absolute drooling delicacies on European family vacation to Italy.  These are accompanied with the fresh seafood sautéed in olive oil, rejuvenating and stimulating sunshine, and the stunning visits to the famous renaissance castles and remnants of the classical Roman Empire. Indeed, Italy is one of the best European family vacation destinations with some of the finest tourism offers.

Italy has always attracted tourists from every other country in the world throughout the year. Travel agencies have always successfully highlighted Italy’s various tourist destinations and attracted millions to these amazing and beautiful places. Indeed, Italy has provided many such exotic vacation destinations to the entire family. You must personally experience these unbelievably captivating Italian vacation destinations!

Italy is an exciting place for the touring visitors. You will never find place for any boredom during your stay here. Every tourist destination can be accessed easily. Visiting tourists like you will never have the time to feel bored during your stay in Italy. The remarkable tourist sights are pretty accessible. After seeing and living in Italy, even for a short duration, you too will exclaim “la vita Italiana!” A wonderful life in Italy! Read more

Gardaland Italy, Best Theme Parks, Gardaland Activities

Amusement has found its place in Italy. Known as the number one theme park in Italy, Gardaland is a qualified brand of its job. The amusement park attractions include four roller coasters, two water rides, a vertical freefall ride, and a selection of high-energy thrill rides.  When the matter is entertainment, Gardaland is a right destination to choose.

Gardaland ItalyFirst and foremost, by means of attraction, Gardaland has a vast of activities to join in. If you are looking for fantastic attractions, there are a variety of them. With Transgardaland express, you will take a voyage to Fantasy land. Fantasy Land includes attractions such as Giostra cavalli, funny express, Albero di Prezzemolo, Doremifarm, Volaplano, Baby Pilota, Baby Corsaro, Saltomatto, Games area, Flying Island, Kaffeetassen, Superbaby, Peter Pan, and Monorotaia.  Here is a land for adventure seekers. It has attractions named Jungle Rapid, Tunga, I Corsari, La Valle dei Re, Time voyagers. And, now, it is time for adrenaline. In adrenaline land, you can be involved in Ikarus, Magic House, Fuga da Atlantide, Blue Tornado, Mammut, Space Vertigo, The Spectacular 4D Adventure, Colorado Boat, Sequoia Adventure, Magic Mountain, Top Spain, Ortobruco Tour.

Gardaland offers not only game activities, but also exuberant shows for its guests. These show programs are Hollywood Dreams Live, Festival on Ice, Torneo di Camelot, Marionette Show, Baby Magic Club, Viaggio nel Mondo dei Delfini. Apart from activity areas, there are shops, bar, restaurants and the other facilities necessary during your day in Gardaland. You can be the part of amusement as a group, as a family, as a single. According to these categories, Gardaland serves up what you are looking for. Also, the park’s closeness to Lake Garda has allowed building a dock for boats sailing along the lake.

All in all, located near the biggest lake in Italy, Gardaland creates a new concept of entertainment in your mind. Life has never been so funny after the visiting of Gardaland.