Romance in Newport Beach, Newport Beach Honeymoon Vacations

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It is an important task to search for a place for your honeymoon or for your vacation with your love. While looking many alternatives for your vacation, you will see that Newport Beach is among the most romantic places in United States. If you plan your honeymoon or want to make a surprise to your sweetie, you will find everything about romance in Newport Beach. Each step you take in Newport Beach will show you that the environment is the right address for romance.

One of the best things you can do is walking around the Marine Avenue on Balboa Island and feeling the happiness of your love in your heart. In addition, you can go to Balboa Fun Zone and live entertaining moments there. Another romantic thing to do in Newport Harbour is taking a gondola ride. While wandering around by gondola, you can share the beauty of nature with your honey.

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Fashion Island in Newport Beach, Shopping Stores in Fashion Island

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For adventure and shopping seekers, The Fashion Island located in Newport Beach is the right place to visit. Reminding itself as the most prominent area in Newport, the island is among the must-see areas considering fun and pleasure. As it is between Los Angeles and San Diego, you can not go on your way without visiting there. With its parks, beaches, shopping, theme parks, and museums, Fashion Island has more than 1,300 hotel rooms.

One of the most joyful activities in the island is carousel for the kids. It is Venetian-themed ride with 32 antique horses (and the other animals) and appropriate for all ages. If you like theme parks, you must see carousel with the animals like rabbit, tiger, bear, and fish. The whimsical Kiddie Train is another attraction for younger children. You can get on the train between Bloomingdale and Marcus. The fountains and koi pond are the most important points in the island. Here are Pop Jet and Iris Fountain near Island Terrace, created in 1989. Made in 1968, the koi pond has 15,000 gallons.

There are many luxury hotels in the Fashion Island and several beaches. Orange County airport is a minute away from the island.

Many events are held in the island the whole year. Fashion Island is more than a shopping area by offering summer concerts, seasonal activities and the playhouses. By means of shopping, the island has many shopping stores and luxurious restaurants.  The lovers of amusement and shopping would not think about better place than Fashion Island.

In conclusion, Fashion Island should be in your plans when you decide to go to Newport. It is the place of shopping and activities. What makes Newport valuable is Fashion Island, so visiting there provides you to be impressed by the whole area.

Nightlife of Newport Beach, Night Clubs in Newport Beach

After taking part in the nightlife of Newport Beach, you will realize that you do not get the same pleasure in the other places of California. The area has many sport activities, must-sees and unique nightlife. The close time of the other areas is the start of joy in Newport Beach.

If you feel the heart beats of life at nights, then you will be lost with the Latin rhythms, and rock music. Teeming with the restaurants and many oyster bars, Newport offers you to enjoy in the famous Little Inn.

There are both bars most of which have big screen televisions, game tables and clubs which are the source of amusement.
All in all, not only with its day but also nightlife, Newport is the spot of what you are looking for. As the best times of your vacation begins at night, you do not need to sleep early.

Newport Beach Family Vacations, Newport Beach Vacations with Kids, USA’s Best Family Vacations

It is not always easy to make everyone in the family happy while taking a vacation. But, Newport Beach ends up your worry and provides everybody to be happy whether he is young or old. The best examples of family activities are held here and fun does not go away even a minute.

Newport BeachEnjoying in the beach is the most preferred activity in Newport Beach. The summer months enliven the beach, so every member of your family finds anything for entertainment. You can swim, ride a boat or challenge with the waves on a jet ski with your partner, children or with your friends. The beach includes many activities for the kids. For example, they can not only play in the sand or around the water but also take the pleasure of the little swimming pool of the hotel.

Secondly, Balboa Fun Zone is another area of entertainment for the whole family. Everybody can find anything special for him in this area. Especially, the kids do not want to leave here once they experience the Balboa Fun Zone. Having a variety of areas, Fun Zone reminds itself when you plan your vacations that you can not disregard.

Thirdly, rollerblading is among the best activities in Newport Beach. You need to rent a rollerblading whose size differs from children to adults. You do not worry about the place to use rollerblading since you can use it sidewalks in the beach, in many places as well.

As the happiness of your children is more important than everything, you try to find the best entertainment for them when you are in vacation. Newport Beach serves this comfort up to your children in the Toy Boat. Known as the most entertaining place for the kids, Toy Boat includes so many toys and activities that you can find yourself in it.

At the end of the day in Newport Beach, your last destination is the comfortable restaurants where you can relax and eat delicious foods.

To sum up, with its various types of activities, Newport Beach will be indispensable address of your vacations and memory. The more you walk around the Beach, the more discovering new activities will excite you. We are sure that Newport will be an unforgettable experience while you are leaving it.