A Divine Holiday in Portugal

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Faro is a mix of modern and old buildings, and it is really beautiful to see that the buildings built in the different eras can be a perfect match to each other. Aside from the buildings here, Faro is also known as a shoppers paradise, with a great array of restaurants that strive in their own specialty like the traditional or sea food cuisines and for those party-goers, Faro can also be near to your heart as the vibrant nightlife here can be a really tempting reason for you to extend your stay at this city.

Faro is served by an international airport that is undergoing renovation because the airport can barely handle the number of passengers that come to this city every year. A car can be a great asset for your holiday here, and it is easy to find a car to hire at Faro. Car rental Faro is really cheap and affordable for most of the tourists here. Even though there are public transport like the buses and taxis which are quite effective and fast, they do not give total control to the tourists. Make sure that you are accustomed to driving at the right side of the road if you want to drive a car in Faro or any other place in Portugal.

One of the municipalities located inside Faro is Albufeira. Actually, Albufeira comes from an Arabic word, ‘Al-Buharya’ which means ‘the lagoon’. This is because Albufeira really has a beautiful lagoon that is a highlight at this place. Albufeira has a population of around 50,000 people that live in an area of 140 square kilometres. However, this population can grow up to 300,000 people during the holiday season because there will be a lot of tourists who come to this place to have a look at the beautiful lagoon. This is what makes Albufeira one of the main tourism spots in Faro, Portugal.

The Faro Airport is located just 40 minutes away from Albufeira, so anyone who want to come to this city from the airport can come to this place by using the public buses, taxis or rented cars. The architecture of the buildings in the city is a typical one as with other cities in Faro, with narrow streets and tiled houses and shop lots. Most of the structures in the city are painted white, so any structures with colours other than white can be said to be a weird building. All in all, Faro is a great place to know what Portugal has to offer its tourists.

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Europen Beach PartiesSurrender to the seduction of this summer season’s lifestyle and glamour at the Nikki Beach Parties to be held in Portimão and Vilamoura. The club is located in front of the Tivoli Hotel on the beach of Vilamoura on the Algarve coast in Portugal. Nikki Beach Lounge, in Vilamoura is nestled behind the restaurant and provides a great way to spend lazy afternoons. The set up is nicely done although a bit tight in some areas, but lots of couch and bed areas to choose from. In the Nikki Beach Club you can enjoy the big opium beds and soak up the sun, but as you can expect from a luxury brand, it comes with a price.

Nikki Beach has been classified by the “Observer” as the “sexiest party on earth“.  Designed in a simple and elegant manner, Nikki Beach Parties bring together leading personalities from the different worlds of sport music, the arts and society. With its unique and exclusive location, the Nikki Beach areas, the Lakeside Restaurant & Ultra Lounge and the Nikki Beach Club at the Beach, will be home to some exceptional modern and creative cuisine, with a relaxed and cosmopolitan service. Open from 9.00 to 21.00, soak up the daily entertainment of music and live performers, including saxophonists, while relaxing on the comfortable opium beds.

Beach PartiesWith more than 100 sun loungers, enjoy a luxury day at the  beach Nikki style and take advantage of the facilities. The famous Nikki Beach Signature Cocktails will also be one of the big attractions as will the exotic furnishings including the special Opium and Day Beds.

All day events at Nikki Beach Vilamoura are; Spicy Fridays, Confidential Saturdays and Amazing Sundays…

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Location: Nikki Beach Vilamoura Tivoli Marina de Vilamoura Algarve, Portugal