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Romanesque chapels and cellars, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque palaces and gardens, worldly Art Nouveau buildings, and unique Cubist architecture make it a place with no parallel in the world. You don’t have to be an expert on individual artistic styles in order to appreciate the diversity of the city’s architecture. The Rotunda of St. Martin, the Cathedral of Our Lady before Týn, the Wallenstein Palace and the Municipal House will be forever etched into your memory. Frank Gehry’s Dancing Building has become an icon of modern architecture in Prague, as have new buildings in the Karlín neighbourhood and the new National Technical Library in Dejvice.

Those in the know say the best beer in Prague (although this point is always argued hotly) is poured at Zlý časy in the Nusle district. Its twenty-four taps pour beers from small and medium-sized breweries both from the Czech Republic and abroad. Who can resist – you can enjoy a great selection of draught beers and pick up bottled delicacies from around the world. Of course, there are many places in Prague where you can get good beer, from classic pubs or in the ever more popular beer bars with more than a dozen beers from small and medium-sized breweries on tap. Also very popular is the Lokál chain of restaurants, where in addition to great Pilsner, you can enjoy traditional Czech cuisine. For sheer atmosphere, check out some classic pubs where seemingly time stands still, such as U Jelínků, with over a century of tradition. The pub U Pinkasů also has its place on the Prague beer map, as do an increasingly significant number of small breweries (Pivovarský dům, Břevnovský klášterní pivovar sv. Vojtěcha, Klášterní pivovar Strahov).

Prague also has celebrated cafés which people visit out of respect for the classical café tradition, the famous people who used to frequent them, or for their great coffee – but rarely all three. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city when you sit at Café Slavia; experience a nearly Parisian atmosphere at Café Louvre; and the Grand Café Orient will win you over with its exceptional Cubist interiors and furniture. Praguers like having breakfast in the posh Café Savoy or Café Imperial. On the rise are also modern cafés. Café Lounge will amaze you not only with its first-class cappuccino, but also its homemade cakes and desserts, all in the spirit of the noble First Republic. Kavárna Pražírna offers specialty coffee from small farms. They buy the beans themselves, test and roast them, and if you like, you can take a pack of fragrant fresh coffee back home with you. Also popular is Karlín’s Můj šálek kávy (My Cup of Coffee), so it’s better to book a place in advance.

You can cool your shopping fever in a number of modern shopping malls (Palladium, Nový Smíchov, Chodov, Arkády Pankrác, and more) or on Pařížská Street, Prague’s most exclusive shopping avenue, home to many of the world’s top luxury brands. If you want to take something valuable home from Prague, then try an antique shop. Jewellery and precious stones are the specialty of Prague’s Uhlíř Antiques, and paintings and china, you can choose at the antique shop on Karmelitská Street. Galerie Petr Brandl focuses on old master canvases, and it’s worth checking out even if you don’t plan on buying anything. You can buy current and retro Czech design at Modernista in the Vinohrady Pavilion or in the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art’s design shop.



Prague, Prague Vacation, Prague Tourism

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Prague ( Praha in Czech ) is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic . In the past it was the capital of Czechoslovakia . Central Bohemia is situated on the Vltava River and has a population of 1.2 million . According to statistics from the business world , in addition to this number, 300,000 people are living in Prague without official registration . Prague, by a wide audience is shown as one of the world’s most beautiful cities . Prague, the “Golden City “, ” Left Bank of the nineties “, “Legend City” , “Mother of Cities ” and ” The Heart of Europe ” is referred to by names such as .

Another characteristic of Prague II. So is not damaged in World War II . In this way, many historic houses and accommodates space . These included St . Vitus Cathedral is also located . Tourism in the area is more popular in recent years .

Since 1992, the historic center of Prague , the United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO ) ‘s World Heritage list are located.

On 15 March 1939 , Adolf Hitler ordered the German Army to enter Prague and Prague Castle in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia a German protectorate which has been declared . In most parts of the history of Prague, Czech, German and (mostly Czech and / or German-speaking ) Jewish population of the city has been a multi-ethnic . In 1939 the country was occupied by Nazi Germany during the Second World War , most Jews were deported and killed by the Germans .

USAAF bomber in large numbers by the end of the war Prague suffered. 1,000 people were injured , 701 people were killed , buildings, factories and historical landmarks were destroyed hundreds . May 5 , 1945, four days before Nazi Germany’s surrender , an uprising against Germany occurred . Four days later, the Soviet 3rd Shock Army entered the city . The majority of the German population either fled or were expelled from the country by the post-war Beneš decrees .

Things to Do in Prague

• Prague Castle : The structure of the world’s largest historic fort first in our list of things to do in Prague ranks . Castle 570 meters long and 130 meters wide. Read more .

• Old Town Square, Prague ‘s oldest and most important square, Old Town , was established in the 10th century . The square is surrounded by many historical building . Read more .

• Charles Bridge : built on the Vltava River is the city’s famous bridges . The bridge was built in the 14th and 15th centuries most of the tourists are among the structures shown interest . Read more .

• Astronomical Clock : Another icon in the list of things to do in Prague structure. Located in the Old Town Square watch his animation monitored every hour . Read more .

• St . Vitus Cathedral Prague is one of the most important and biggest churches . Cathedral located within the Prague Castle , as the burial place of King kullanılmaktadır.deva my old Prague .

Wenceslas Square • Prague is one of the main city square . The square that is the center of business and culture from the past many historic events took place . Read more .

• Dancing House : Drunk structure , also known as Home of our list of things to do in Prague is another icon . Used in office buildings are attracting the attention of tourists . Read more .

• Tyn Church (Eng : Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Czech : Týnský Chrám ) : Prague is the best-known churches . The construction of this gothic church started in the 14th century but only able to be completed in 1511 . Gothic exterior architectural elements are used in the interior design of the church is of baroque effects . Front of the church is a building, called Tyn School and church entrance is here. Protestant Church of Tyn Church , which towers 80 meters in length.

• Municipal Building ( Eng : Municipal House, Czech : obecnie dům ) : Prague is located in a cultural center and concert hall . At the beginning of the 20th century were built with the new art style interior of the building is well preserved . In 1383 King Wenceslas IV of this area actually hosted sake is made . Used as a military academy after it was destroyed in 1903 . On top of this six -year study was conducted in 1911 .

• Powder Tower (Czech : Prašná Brandee ) on our list of places to visit in Prague is one of the oldest buildings . It is one of the old city gates and a Gothic tower . The structure of the symbols of the city , is located in the Old Town . The tower, constructed in 1475 in the city is one of thirteen door . When the construction of the tower was done in conjunction with the palace . However, this situation had moved to Prague Castle King Vladislav Jagenllonsky is değişmişt . As the city lost its importance in the 17th century , the tower was used as a gunpowder store .

• State Theatre in Prague : Prague theater is one of the most important buildings . At the end of the 19th century building which was built in the Czech Republic has been a symbol of freedom and culture . Read more .

• Prague National Museum : National Museum of Prague is established in 1818 . Natural history, history, art, music and library objects are exhibited about 14 million units . Read more .

• St. Nicholas Church ( Lesser Town ) in our list of things to do in Prague is the most important baroque churches . Dome of the church and the choir part of 1737 – 1752 was completed between . Read more .

• Jan Hus Monument ( Eng : Jan Hus Monument ) is a monument located in the Old Town Square . In 1915, Jan Hus monument was built to commemorate the 500th death anniversary . Jan Hus was born in 1369 in the church who criticized during his lifetime and was therefore one is told to change their minds . It burned in 1415 was killed for refusing . The monument was designed by Ladislav Salo is made completely public economic support . Religious thinker , philosopher and all over the world with innovative Jan Hus monument that has been made memorable .

• St . George’s Basilica (Czech : Sven ‘s Basilica . Jiří ) : a list of things to do in Prague is the oldest basilica . The basilica was founded in 920 by Vratislaus II . As the name suggests, the basilica was dedicated to St. George . Basilica of St . St. Benedict . By addition of George’s Abbey was expanded in 973 . Within the building is currently the 19th century, is home to the National Bohemian Art Gallery .

• Convent of St Agnes : is one of the oldest monasteries in Europe . Which is the oldest Gothic building and structure in the Czech Republic , the sister of King Wenceslas II St . By Agnes 1231 – 1234 were made between the years . Purpose of construction of a house is the poor women . Convent of St . Agnes is actually a complex of buildings . Located in two buildings . For poor women and the other one is for Franciscan monks . The monastery today the National Gallery (National Gallery) is used by .

• Rudolfinum : Vlatava a music auditorium is located on the river bank . Neo-Renaissance style structure built is located at Jan Palach Square . 1876 ​​- 1884 were built between the years . After the National Theatre in Prague is the most important neo- renaissance building . My Rudolfino , today is home to the Czech Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra . Orchestral classical music concerts throughout the year Dvorak Hall serves .

• St. Nicholas Church ( Old Town ) in our list of things to do in Prague is another important church . Frescoes in a church located in the Old Town Square , with iron craftsmanship and interior design attracts attention. Read more .

• Royal Garden : Prague Castle is located in the royal gardens . Created for those who live in the castle in the 16th century but the garden was opened to visitors in 2002 . Read more .

• Petrin Hill (Eng Petrin Hill ) is a hill overlooking Prague . Previously used as a hill of King Charles looked for adults and children, there are many places to be . Hill , a television tower and miniature Eiffel Tower is known . Mirror Maze is one of the places that can be seen here . The structure consists of a hall of mirrors that caters to both adults and children . You can also join the tour at the hill . Hill rose garden is a spot not to be missed .

• Golden Lane (Czech : Zlata ulička ) : Prague Castle is located in a small alley . According to a legend on the street metal into gold , alchemists tried to . But the facts known to have lived in the 17th century goldsmiths and the street is that given this name because of this . In the 15th century , the Golden Lane are up to 11 historic homes . Street entrance fee . But it is not just the entry ticket . Prague Castle after receiving tickets can also see this street .

• Lesser Town Bridge Towers: Someone other Charles Bridge Lesser Town ( Mala Strana ) are located in the tower . From the entrance to the Old Town section were located in the Lesser Town . The tower was built in the 15th century . Building was inspired by the Old Town Bridge Tower . Judith Lesser Town Bridge Tower Towers is the other . Judith Bridge , which is the only remaining part of Prague Tower, has been damaged due to floods in 1342 .

• Karl Square (Eng : Charles Square, Czech : Karlovo náměstí ) in the list of things to do in Prague is one of the most important squares . Is located in New Town . The square is built on 70,000 square meters, is the largest square in central Europe . The main purpose of the establishment is to give the city a cattle market . But then, this function has been changed. Established in 1348, the time of Charles IV in 1860 the park has been transformed into a portion of the square . Today is a very central point occurred and several subway and tram lines pass through here.

• Church of Our Lady Victorious (Child Jesus of Prague , Czech : Kostel Panny Marie Vítězné ) is a church in Prague . The church itself is related to the history of the city of Prague . The exterior design is baroque style . In fact, in Prague, was the first church built in this style . In 1613 by Giovanni Maria Filippi . Originally called ” the Holy Trinity ” ( Holy Trinity ) is. A victory in 1620 as a gift is given to the Carmelites and the way we see it today was named Lady Victorious Church renewed