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A European river cruise down the Danube would not be complete without a visit to the historic and romantic city of Vienna, the capital of Austria. An even better cruise down the Danube starts in this historic city. Several cruise ship sail from Vienna and have packages that feature two or three day stays in the city at the start of the trip.

Avalalon Waterways has a fabulous 14-day cruise sailing from Vienna that includes a 2 ½ day stay in Vienna to allow for visiting the city and its sites. This cruise goes from the Blue Danube to the Black Sea, departing in Vienna and arriving in Bucharest.

After arriving in Vienna by plane the City is open to exploration for the next 2 ½ days before embarking on the cruise. Vienna offers a vast array of culture, music, arts, and architecture to enjoy.


Vienna River Cruises

Tour the City

While in the City there are numerous sights that should be considered a must see. The Anchor Clock is one. The Anchor Clock is located in the oldest square of the Vienna “Hoher Markt’. The clock was built between 1911 and 1917 based on the plans of painter Franz von Matsch.

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