Fashion Island in Newport Beach, Shopping Stores in Fashion Island

October 4, 2008 by  
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For adventure and shopping seekers, The Fashion Island located in Newport Beach is the right place to visit. Reminding itself as the most prominent area in Newport, the island is among the must-see areas considering fun and pleasure. As it is between Los Angeles and San Diego, you can not go on your way without visiting there. With its parks, beaches, shopping, theme parks, and museums, Fashion Island has more than 1,300 hotel rooms.

One of the most joyful activities in the island is carousel for the kids. It is Venetian-themed ride with 32 antique horses (and the other animals) and appropriate for all ages. If you like theme parks, you must see carousel with the animals like rabbit, tiger, bear, and fish. The whimsical Kiddie Train is another attraction for younger children. You can get on the train between Bloomingdale and Marcus. The fountains and koi pond are the most important points in the island. Here are Pop Jet and Iris Fountain near Island Terrace, created in 1989. Made in 1968, the koi pond has 15,000 gallons.

There are many luxury hotels in the Fashion Island and several beaches. Orange County airport is a minute away from the island.

Many events are held in the island the whole year. Fashion Island is more than a shopping area by offering summer concerts, seasonal activities and the playhouses. By means of shopping, the island has many shopping stores and luxurious restaurants.  The lovers of amusement and shopping would not think about better place than Fashion Island.

In conclusion, Fashion Island should be in your plans when you decide to go to Newport. It is the place of shopping and activities. What makes Newport valuable is Fashion Island, so visiting there provides you to be impressed by the whole area.