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Sirince, Izmir’s Selcuk Selcuk connected to the district and 8 km away from the tourist village of historic architecture is preserved successfully .

In an age which is the original name Kirkinca’s legendary hit to the mountains is rumored that given in reference to forty people . In Greek pronunciation of forty , and finally Çirkince Kirkince formats , this name of the Republic, during the first years of the period by order of the governor of İzmir Kazim Dirik has been formalized in the form of Sirince . As of 2012 the population was 536 people .

19 century, famous for fig production , especially for export , in 1800 a Greek village digit . Population Exchange in 1923 as a result of the Turkey-Greece with Greek club (most of the villages are situated in Katerini Nea Ephesus ) , Kavala Müştiyan (Moustheni ) and Somokol ( Domatia ) were settled by emigrants from the villages . The village previously vineyards , fig, olive -based economy which , in the hands of new residents from tobacco region came to a standstill for a while , but in recent years in parallel with the growing touristic importance , this industry began to flourish again . Villagers make olive oil , as well as peaches, figs , apples, walnuts and cherries are grown. 2000-3000 was around in the 1950s, subsequently falling to 700 village population, from the 1990s with the development of tourism has entered into an upward trend . Some Greek houses in the village serves as a board .

Greek church in the village where the two are in dilapidated condition .

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Sirince Tourism, Sirince Vacations, Things to do in Sirince Turkey

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Şirince is a village of 600 inhabitants in İzmir Province, Turkey, located about 6 kilometres east of the town Selçuk. Şirince was settled when Ephesus was abandoned in the 15th century but most of what one sees today dates from the 19th century.

There is a story that the village was settled by freed Greek slaves who named the village Çirkince (meaning “Ugly” in Turkish) to deter others from following them. The village’s name was changed to Şirince in 1926 by the governor of Izmir Province.

Sirince, Izmir, Selcuk Selcuk 8 km away from the historic architecture of the town and has successfully preserved a tourist village.

The original name of the legendary Kırkınca’nın given with reference to the person in an age of forty is rumored that hit the mountains. Kirkice pronunciation of Greek, fortieth, and finally, this ugly forms, such as name, period of the early years of the Republic, formalized in the form of Sirince, Izmir governor Kazim Dirik instructions. The population of 687 people.

19. century, especially in Sirince, famous Greek village with 1800 houses. Population Exchange in 1923 as a result of the Turkey-Greece Greek departure (most of them settled in the village of Katerini Nea Ephesus), Kavala Müştiyan (Moustheni) and Somokol (Domatia) villages have been resettled from the emigrant.

Previously the village, vineyards, figs, olive oil, based on the economy, the new residents in the hands of a tobacco region have been disrupted for a while, but in recent years, in parallel with the increasing importance of tourism, this industry began to flourish again.

Viticulture and olive growing, as well as peaches, figs, apples, walnuts and cherries are grown. 2000-3000, while in the later 1950s, the rural population falling to 700 in the 1990s with the development of tourism has entered into an upward trend again. Currently serves as a board some of the Greek houses in the village.


Şirince the best olive oils produced olive oils produced in the southern Aegean and the values ​​of high flavor and low acidity values.

There are two Greek church in the village is in ruins. In addition, secured its historical architecture.

The journey of Markiz Mansions is started with a dream of Ms. Begüm, who is the owner of the mansion. Ms. Begüm, who bought three abandoned Greek houses, struggled with permits for 5 years and finally she decorated this place as her own house.

Şirince 7 Sleepers
Şirince 7 Sleepers

Her goal is to make her guests feel themselves like they are in their own houses. The mansion, which has the spectacular view of Şirince, provides service throughout the year. While you can taste your wine besides the fireplace in the winter, you can read your book in the garden of fruit trees in the spring and summer.

One of the most important features of the facility is the facility to offer technological opportunities such as small cinema, DVD, Playstation, TV and wireless internet in all rooms.


Şirince how to get there?
First to go should come to the town of Selcuk in Izmir province Şirinceye. Theres 8 km from Selcuk, Sirince private vehicle, using the output of İmir otabanından Belevi exit, the entrance of Izmir, Sirince Selcuk Aydin lead the way in the direction you need to follow the separation. Once on this road, tangerine, olive and grape scent of winding after a trip to Sirince is reached.