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Summer time is here.  It is the perfect time for family vacations and getaways.  It is also the best time to relax, bond with friends and have a wonderful moment and experience to cherish.  There are many and different ways to spend this season.  You can go fishing, hiking, camping, mountain or rock or wall climbing, travelling or one of the best options is to go swimming.

Beach VacationsVisiting the beach is really one productive experience and for sure you are up to a summer fun adventures here.  You can just stroll, make sandcastles, swim all day long, night swim, attend beach parties, play beach games and enjoy the luxury, food and specialties served by the particular beach your in.

Number one in this list is the Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.  It is considered as the best beach in the whole world, according to the Yahoo website.  Why did it become the best in the world?  It is because it offers a lot of surprises, amenities and services that are truly great and will suffice your need and want to spend the best vacation ever.  From the number of different beaches comprising the Myrtle Beach, to the best golfing areas, to the best fishing and camping sites, what else can you ask for?  Well, aside form those services stated, the town of Myrtle beach itself offers also different and the best restaurants and other attractions that the whole family will surely enjoy and love.  It’s like an all-in-one package.

Next in line is the South Beach in Miami, Florida.  It is considered as one of the favorite spot in Miami.  You can spend the whole day and night swimming in the waters, do your sun-bathing, enjoy the beach games, just enjoy and relax.  And when you are tired, you can also visit the shops and boutiques for your accessories and souvenirs or feed yourself with the excellent food choices at the restaurants and relax and treat yourself in the spas.

Beach DestinationsThe last but definitely not the least in this list is the Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Just like South Carolina and Florida, Hawaii is also popular for its beaches.  And Waikiki is one of the most visited spot here since the early 1950s.  It has been a tourist destination even if it has already lost its perfect beauty because of the many people who have visited the place.  Its original beauty still remains.

So, before going to your summer getaways, be sure to have your things packed complete, from your swim wears to your suntans, and other valuables.  And spend the time of your life in the beach that you choose.  Always be careful and take the necessary precautions.

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