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If you’re a sun and sand lover, Barcelona is definitely the right city for you. It has a coastline 4.5km long and offers you a wide range of fun and beautiful beaches. So head to a Barcelona beach when you travel to this bustling city. Here are the more popular beaches in Barcelona.


Barceloneta, favorite among foreign visitors, has one of the longest coastlines in Barcelona (1.1 km). This beach is also one of the most traditional and oldest beaches in the city. Barceloneta’s dimensions make it suitable for leisure equipment, including volleyball courts and a table soccer area located on the Eastern side, facing the Hospital del Mar. It also has a children’s play area located on the Western side, beside the Gas breakwater. You will also find here gym and ping pong areas. Barceloneta also comes equipped with a skating area.

Sant Sebastià

San Sebastià is situated in the Ciutat Vella district and is the beach most closest to the city proper on the coastline’s Eastern end. It is the beach most frequented by local residents, especially residents of Ciutat Vella. San Sebastià is also popular among foreign tourists. Because of its proximity to the center of Barcelona, many tourists come here by public transport or on foot. There is also a metro stop that connects the area to other parts of the city.

Nova Icària

Nova Icària is located in the center of Barcelona’s coastline. The people who frequent this 400-m long beach are locals from nearby towns as well as foreign tourists. It is the beach where tourists stay the longest, perhaps because it is well-known for its being the quietest in Barcelona. Nova Icària is frequented mostly by groups of friends and also families with children. Many beach goers reach the beach on foot.


Bogatell is a 600-m long beach revitalized when the city’s seafront was restored in the 1990s. It is very much appreciated by Barcelona coastal visitors. This is, among other reasons, because of its safety. A cycle track borders the Bogatell beach so you can easily reach by bicycle.

Barcelona Beaches

Mar Bella

Mar Bella is a 500-m long beach situated in the East of the city coastline. It came into existence after the coastal area became part of the urban redevelopment as part of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games preparations. At the Western end of the Mar Bella beach is a nautical base where activities related to the sea are performed. What’s more, it also has a beach area designated for nudists.

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Lanzarote´s newest resort of Playa Blanca is rapidly emerging as the most popular holiday destination on the island. And it’s little wonder. As it boasts fantastic weather, great beaches and some of the best quality holiday accommodation on the island.

Playa Blanca was still just a quaint little fishing village when tourism first took off on Lanzarote back in the 1970´s. But it wasn’t long before hotel groups and property developers began to cast a covetous eye. As the south of the island enjoys the best of the weather on Lanzarote. Ensuring more sun hours and higher temperatures for tourists. Whilst the beaches in and around Playa Blanca are amongst the best on the island.

The finest stretch of sand is the set of bays and coves at Punta de Papagayo (or Parrot Beach in Spanish). Which are just a fifteen minute walk from the centre of the resort and entirely unspoiled. So much so in fact that they are often favoured by naturists! Whilst back in the heart of Playa Blanca holiday makers have the choice of three excellent beachesPlaya Flamingo, Playa Doarada and Playa Blanca (from which the town takes it´s name). Which are all united by a delightful beachfront promenade which runs from end of the resort to the other.

Best Spain Beaches

Playa Blanca has long been the gateway to the neighbouring Canary Island of Fuerteventura. With ferries crossing the Bocaina Straits from the harbour on a regular basis throughout the day. Enabling tourists to visit sites such as the 16km stretch of sand at the Dunas National Park, located just outside Corralejo.

Accommodation standards in Playa Blanca are very high. The resort boasts the largest selection of villas in Lanzarote and all of the hotels here have been built over the last five to ten years. Which means that visitors can enjoy state of the art facilities and amenities during their stay.

The recently opened Marina Rubicon also adds a further layer of luxury to the resort. Providing berths for luxury yachts and cruisers and an atmospheric backdrop for anyone enjoying meal or a drink at one of the many upmarket restaurants that line the quayside.

Playa Blanca is also just a short drive from Lanzarote´s leading tourist attraction. The breathtaking Timanafaya National Park. Home to over 300 volcanoes (thankfully all now dormant) and a sea of solidified lava. A legacy of a series of eruptions which rocked the island during the 18th century.

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The small Canary Island of Lanzarote is a hot holiday favourite with tourists from across Northern Europe and mainland Spain.  Attracting around 1.5 million visitors every year.  And as well as great weather, the island also boasts loads of wonderful attractions – which tempt tourists away from their Lanzarote villas and hotels to enjoy a spot of serious sightseeing.

The Timanfaya Volcano Park
The undisputed star of the show on Lanzarote is the Timanfaya National Park.  Which was formed back in the 1730’s by an explosive six year period of volcanic eruptions.

This cataclysmic process created over 300 new volcanoes and carpeted around a quarter of the island in a sea of molten lava.  Decimating rich agricultural land and forcing emigration upon many Lanzaroteños.

Today the eerie terrain of Timanfaya is Lanzarote’s leading attraction.  Nearly one million tourists visit the park every year to witness the decimation caused by these eruptions.  With the vista of strange twisted lava shapes and spent volcanic peaks stretching for mile after mile.

The Timanfaya Volcano Park is open daily from 10.00 to 17.45.  Admission costs €8 per adult and €4 per child.

The Mirador Del Rio
Enjoy a breathtaking view of the neighboring island of La Graciosa, from the amazing lookout point created by the local artist Cesar Manrique. Read more

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Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is the second largest city in Spain. Barcelona’s magnificent architecture is dominated by the work of the great Antonio Gaudi. Shopping, art, dining, and entertainment also feature prominently in this lively city. Here are 10 things not to miss in Barcelona. If you plan to European cities as a holiday destination, the capital of Catalonia and Spain’s second city should be on the top of the list of your visit.

1    Sagrada Familia Church
With its soaring, expressionist towers, Sagrada Familia is Antonio Gaudi’s most famous creation. And it is not yet finished! Begun in 1882, construction on the church continues, and is funded by Barcelona’s tourism industry.

2    Casa-Museu Gaudi
In his later years, Gaudi lived with his niece in this pink house that looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. The rooms in the house are themed, containing furniture, drawing, and portraits made by Gaudi himself.

3    Bishop’s Palace
A new structure begun in 1889 to replace the original palace, which had been destroyed by a fire, the Bishop’s Palace had a storied history during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Gaudi abandoned the work after the Bishop Juan Bautista Grau i Vallespinós died, and the palace was not occupied until 1961. Read more

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The small Canary Island of Lanzarote is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Spain.  Attracting over 1.5 million foreign tourists every year.  The bulk of them from Britain and Eire – who account for well over 60% of all tourist visits made to the island.

The key to Lanzarote´s popularity as a holiday destination lies in the fact that this island located just seventy miles off the coast of Africa enjoys a great climate all year round.  So even in the depths of winter when Northern Europe is shivering, visitors are able to enjoy a beach holiday in the sun here.  As temperatures average 20 Celsius all year round – even during December and January.

Lanzarote was first conquered by the Spanish in the early 1400´s – and rapidly became an important strategic trading post between the New World and the Old.  As Spanish galleons crossed the Atlantic with Inca silver and returned with African slaves.  Stopping off at Lanzarote and the other Canary Islands to refuel and restock. Read more

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Spain provides you the perfect family vacation destination in Europe. Although family vacations to Europe can be very expensive, Spain is comparatively quite affordable. For the money you pay, the exceptionally top rated attractions in Spain are worth experiencing. Spain is a popular tourists’ destination and millions from around the world travel to this fascinating land. The best times to visit Spain are during fall and spring. The spring is especially very beautiful.

Best Beaches Of Spain

Costa del Sol
The beaches in Spain enjoy year-round sunshine, hence there are many visitors flocking to the Spanish beaches. Costa del Sol presents lovely sand that you will enjoy, and the calm Mediterranean Sea will give you the experience of extraordinary warmth. The beaches here can get quite crowded due to the brilliant manmade and natural scenery all-around and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea coast. You will watch breathtakingly beautiful women in attractive bikinis, wandering joyously on these beaches in full sunshine! Read more

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