Best Brekafast & Brunch Places in Ann Arbor, Top Breakfast Restaurants in Ann Arbor

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In case, you skipped breakfast and wish to have the best brunch in Ann Arbor, these are the places for best Ann Arbor brunch which will really give you a treat and fulfilling food.

Selma Cafe:

This is one of the places for best Ann Arbor brunch. Selam Cafe really makes you feel you are home. The food is delicious with all the brunch items including crepes, omelettes, eggs, coffees, etc. The coffee is great in this place.

Selma Cafe is actually a house and you would feel like you are eating fresh home made food except that it would be cooked by professional chefs. The best thing about the place is that guest chefs come every now and then to cook food. This is the reason why you will have different experience every time you go there. They have different menus designed by different chefs. The place will never bore you out. It gives you the best of Ann Arbor experiences.

Cafe Zola:

Cafe Zola is yet another of the places for best ann arbor brunch. It is really expensive as it is five star restaurant but still it is worth it. The crepes and the omelettes are great. The menu is extensive and offers savory crepes and sweet crepes, omelettes, eggs, french toast, panini, etc. it offers you everything you would desire for a brunch.

Cafe Zola

Cafe Zola

You will really love the food which is delicious and satisfying. The only thing negative about it is the price which is too high but certainly a must go place. You can get detailed information at

Gandy Dancer:

For sunday brunch on a limited budget, Gandy Dancer is great. If you want to spend less money and get good food, then this place is best for you. The best thing about it is the location which is among the old train station and so, you get an amazing view from the restaurant.

Seva Restaurant:

Seva is also the best spot for a wonderful brunch. It offers all the international dishes including crepes, eggs, french toast, panini, coffee, tea and juices. You will find great bakery items there, salad, wraps, everything you desire. The food is delightful and it is a must visit place.

Weber’s Restaurant:

Weber’s Restaurant is another of the best spots to stop for brunch. You will love the food and service. Ask for something and you will get it here. The coffee is great here and you will love the time spent in this restaurant.

Have a great brunch in Ann Arbor and make your stay memorable. Give preference to great views and atmosphere and select any of these places for best ann arbor brunch.