Best Las Vegas Shows, Must See Shows in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is America’s most glitziest and glamorous city. The tourist industry in Las Vegas thrives due to the array of live entertainments provided by the various snazzy hotels. The best Las Vegas suit all ages and all budgets. People from the world over come here to view the astounding acts and shows that have become a routine part of this city’s culture.

Las Vegas has shows to cater to the entertainment needs of every human being, be it child or adult. There are shows ranging from amazing acrobatics to unbelievable magic shows. Stage plays are also very popular in Las Vegas and has entered the list of best Las Vegas shows.

Lavish amounts have been spent on popular broad hits like The Lion King, The Phantom of the opera and The producers.

All the best Las Vegas shows are crowd pullers and will definitely enrich your time while in Las Vegas. Long after you have left the city, the memories of all the shows are sure to be cherished by you and your family. Let us look at some of the all time top rated shows of Las Vegas.

The Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group, a family friendly show is an interactive and unique show. This visually stunning show is open to children 5 years and above and takes place in the Venetian hotel. The performers are painted in blue and bright colors are poured over the drums that create the music for the blue men. The paints shoot up and splash into the air when the drums are played in a stunning range of color. Projection screen also offer amazing graphics to tally with the action on stage.

“O” by Cirque De Soleil

“O” is an exclusive show as all Cirque De Soleil Shows are. This event has 85 performers from 20 countires.1.5 million gallons of water make up the stage turning into dry land when the time is right. At times parts of the stage will be above water. The various spectacular acts in this show include fire dancers, aerial acts, trapeze acts and lots more.

You can also see brightly dressed clowns in this show. The various performers will surely take your breath away and leave you wanting for more and more. If you go to Las Vegas, this is one show you will definitely not want to miss especially if you have children.


This sensual show is open only to adults over 18 years of age. This show offers partial nudity and adult situations and is therefore not suitable for a family with kids. Acrobats perform stunning feats that make you gape in awe. The hostess known as Mistress of Seduction offers amusing commentary throughout the whole show.

Phantom Show

If you would like to see a Broadway show, then the Phantom is the one you must go to. This show is enacted in a 40 million dollar built specially for this show. The astounding stage performances and soothing lyrical styles will leave you asking for more. You will be transported to a Parisian Opera House when you enter the theatre.

These are only a very few of the best Las Vegas shows that are likely to keep you enthralled. There are umpteen number of other shows to astonish and stun you.

Things to Do in Las Vegas, Travelling to Vegas

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Before taking a vacation to Las Vegas, you should take some rudimentary into consideration. First and foremost, your shoes must be durable to Vegas as you will spend most of your time by walking around the city. Secondly, the weather condition of Vegas is not uncertain. Most probably it is cold in the months between October and April, thus you need to take warm clothes. To add, as your skin can be damaged from the hazardous sun lights, you consider protecting your skin.


Another important point to remind you is that you try to avoid travelling to Vegas in the holiday times. Since Las Vegas can be crowded at those times, the prices can be higher. But if you can allocate time only in those days, then you should make reservations earlier than the other people in order to get the best service.


To inform you about its climate, it is crucial to tell about its being a desert town. Since you are not accustomed to its dry climate, do not get confused when you need more water.


One of the best points about Vegas is for golf lovers. Vegas requires the golfers to come prepared as it is the right address for it. To join the plays, do not forget to bring your clubs and clothes with you.


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