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Alaçatı is an Aegean town on the western coast of İzmir Province in Turkey, which has been famous for its architecture, vineyards and windmills for over 150 years. It has now made its name in the world of windsurfing and kitesurfing, with its crystal clear water, consistent and steady wind and well acclaimed hospitality.

In the 16th century , the Çeşme region was Anatolia’s gate to commerce. Especially Genovese merchants were based on the Island of Chios , situated off the coast of Çeşme.

In 1556 , after Chios became Ottoman territory , Çeşme lost it’s commercial predominance to Izmir , a small commercial city where until then , the main commercial activity was limited to the sale of western Anatolian goods. While the silks coming from the Bursa region – Anatolia’s main silk fabrication center , were sent to Chios via Çeşme , Izmir became the new commercial capital.

In the 1850’s , a canal reaching the natural port at Alaçatı , whose south was a swamp , is opened following a decree by the Vizier for the swamp to be dried. The swamp is dried by securing drainage with big trenches. The canal opened afterwards becomes a port where ships dock.

An architect of the time , Hacı Memiş Ağa , supervises the project , and Greek workers from the islands are brought in to help with city development. The Greek workers build the new Alaçatı , 1000m from to the north of the Alaçatı Port , and settle. Because they don’t have any land to exploit , Turk landlords allocate their fields to these new folks , to work afterwards. In a way , this is a build-operate-transfer model. The Greek establishment owners develop viniculture in Alaçatı.

Wine produced in Alaçatı has been exported for over a century. Alaçatı wine is considered to be wine of the highest quality. It is for this reason that grape clusters are an important decorative element used in Alaçatı churches. In 1873 , a municipal organization in Alaçatı is instituted. Before the 19th century , the population in Alaçatı and it’s surroundings – including Çeşme , Köste , Çiftlik , Ovacık etc. – was 45.000 , 40.000 of this constituted of Greeks , along with 5.000 Turks.

In 1914 , Hilmi Uran is appointed as lieutenant colonel of Alaçatı from Çeşme. A few months after his appointment , a first group of immigrants from the Balkans , especially from the Yugoslavia and Macedonia regions , start coming to Çeşme on ships. This causes panic within the Greek population , who eventually leave these lands.

These new immigrants from Yugoslavia are settled at Alaçatı. Being strangers to viniculture , Commuting immigrants from Salonika , the Karacaova region of Macedonia , Crete and Kos also arrive to the region. These immigrants help the development of the tobacco industry. Tobacco , melon cultivation and cattle breeding are the locomotive sectors of the region Afterwards , handcrafts , tourism and fishing replace agricultural activities.



Gumwood orchard and gum in Alaçatı
Gumwood trees are rare plants around the world. These trees are in protection of Alaçatı Municipality and found over 300. Furthermore, gumwood used in various areas. Rakı (alcoholic drink) is being flavoured with gumwood.Also Gumwood Jelly is made of these trees.  The doctors of ancient Greece made a variety of medicines from this plant for rabies, snake-bites, stomach, liver and intestinal conditions.



After the 10th century, the fame of the gumwood tree spread beyond Sakız Island to the wholeworld. There is no substitude for cooling off with eating an ice cream with gum. You could visit special gumwood orchards and exprience this unique flavour as you wish.



The Alaçatı Surf Center , known as the best surfing center in the world is flooded day in and day by teenage surfers. Teenagers enjoy the sun and the sea and have fun on the beach where various races and events are organized every week.

Surf lessons are also given to those who want to join in. These lessons give the student enough knowledge to cruise with a windsurf. In the stores on the beach , it’s possible to find all equipment and accessories for the sport. The Alaçatı Bay , one of many located on the Aegean coast , is a paradise for surfers thanks to two very important particularities: the first being it’s never stopping wind , and the second being it’s waters who’s depth doesn’t pass 1,5m until 60-80 meters from the shore.

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