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Turkey, the rising star of European tourism, is a perfect place to have a beach vacation with its crystal blue waters and beautiful, heaven-like beaches. Every year, millions of tourists, who are aware of this fact, visit Turkey especially the Mediterranean and Aegean costs and enjoy a beach vacation in Turkey full of sea and sun.

Beach vacations in Turkey cost lower prices compared to Spain and Greece. That’s why Turkey is a popular beach vacation destination for European tourists who want to enjoy the best vacation with the best services at best price.

There are a lot of hotels near the popular beaches of Turkey and these hotels have full vacation package options. These packages include everything you need to spend an amazing beach vacation in Turkey. Some hotels also have their own private beaches, so you don’t have to go far to swim or sunbath. Besides, all these beaches are near to the historical places, such as old Roman ruins, ancient cities, amphitheaters etc. When you are out of water, you can visit these places, too. Turkey also serves you a great night life to you. You may go out at nights and enjoy your drink after dancing.

The most popular beaches in Turkey are located in the Mediterranean and Aegean costs. Çeşme Peninsula in Izmir has many beaches that you may wish to spend your vacation. Alaçatı, Pırlanta and Altınkum Beaches are in Çeşme Peninsula and they let you enjoy a combination of brilliant blue Aegean Sea and fine sands of Çeşme coasts. Muğla is another Turkish Province famous for its beaches. Ölüdeniz and Butterfly Valley are the most popular ones among these beaches. Butterfly Valley is not just perfect for swimming, but for a boat ride, too.

Once you visit this place and see its stunning beauty, you won’t wish to be somewhere else in the whole world.

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