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Marmaris Mugla is a popular tourist resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Visitors are attracted by the beautiful scenery, warm climate and lively nightlife. The beach is a focal point of most holidays and there are several to choose from within easy reach of the town.

The only beach in the town itself is Marmaris beach. It is an unusual one as it is made up of volcanic black sand and shingle, but this does not mean it is unpopular. In fact, it can get so crowded that it can be difficult to find space for you, your companions and all your belongings.

As with many Turkey beaches, the sun beds are all owned and operated by the local cafes and restaurants. This means that in order to get one you have to buy a drink or a meal or barter with the owners. Fortunately, Turkish prices mean that this is not expensive. The other positive is that it means there is plenty of choice of places to eat and drink for snacks or at lunch time.

There are several water sports available on the beachfront. Before you decide to go ahead with any of these, however, it is a good idea to check that your insurance policy covers you for any injuries which may be incurred. The clear, turquoise waters are also a good place to snorkel and look at the fish.

The crowded nature of Marmaris beach means that many holiday makers are tempted to explore beaches further afield. Icmeler beach is one of the most popular. It has a reputation of being cleaner than Marmaris, although it is still a shingle beach and the sun beds are also controlled by the local cafes and restaurants. Unless you arrive early or have a prior arrangement, it can be difficult to get one. There are plenty of water sports available.

Icmeler Beach

Icmeler Beach

The town of Icmeler itself has a more rustic and peaceful air than the busier Marmaris. You can walk between the two beaches along the promenade but it is quite a long way, taking an average of an hour and half to two hours.

Turunc beach is manmade and so is quite stony. However, it has a reputation for being quiet and so is a good one to choose if you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet to read and soak up the sun. The snorkelling is also good with lots of fish to see. Turunc is a small village but has a few shops and places to get something to eat and drink. It is approximately 20km from Marmaris.

Günlücek Park beach is in a forest reserve but is popular and much closer, at less than 4km from Marmaris.

All of these beaches can be reached from Marmaris by dolmus (a shared taxi), the local bus service or by water taxi. However, by far the most flexible and easiest option is to hire a car for the duration of your stay. You will then be able to move around all the local beaches at your leisure. You will find that car rental is easy to arrange in Marmaris.

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