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Halicarnassus ( Bodrum’s ancient name) BC Born in the year 484 and the ” Father of History ” by Herodotus , known as Bodrum was founded by Dors . Caria and later settled in this area are Leleges . In M.Ö.650 Megeralılar Halicarnassus came as the city expanded and changed their name . Bodrum BC Entered the dominion of the Persians in 386 .

The most brilliant period of Halicarnassus BC In 353 when the capital of Caria region has experienced . Which is one of the seven wonders of the world Mausoleum of King Mausolus in memory of his sister during this period and also was built by his wife Artemisia .

Bodrum BC 192 passed into the hands of the Romans , but did not show a significant improvement in this period . A.D. In 395 the Byzantines , A.D. Is passed into the hands of the Turks in the XI century . Byzantines in the first Crusade war , XIV. century has passed into the hands of the Turks again . Is passed into the hands of the Knights of Rhodes in 1415 . Suleiman the Magnificent in 1522 during the Ottoman Empire joined again .
After the proclamation of the Republic, the name was changed to the basement .

I will pay between the two ports castle , surrounded by sea on three sides, is built on a rocky peninsula . From the north is connected to the mainland . Castle close to the square shows a plan . It measures 180 x 185 meters . The highest point above sea level is 47.50 meters high tower in the French . This tower other than English, Italian, German and Snake towers including tower has four towers . The remaining sections outside the eastern wall of the castle , has been reinforced with a double body wall . Knight for being a strong navy at sea , believe that they can fend off an attack from the sea to be made , they are left weak sea walls , on the land side walls were strengthened .
Inside the castle , is reached by crossing seven gates . I. The castle is in the northwest corner of the door . Station is reached by way of a ramp to the door . Remain behind the door at the start ramp slope . The door is protected from direct cannon shot . There is a Greek inscription on the marble door lintel . Jacques Gatineau, who commanded in the fort during the years 1512-1513 , the castle would be punished persons who will spy on is cautioned . This shows that the Knights rely on living environment .

When entering through the door, which we call the northern part of the trench is reached. On the inner side of the door is a triple armorial bearing group .

Cellar climate of the street due to the occurrence of a large part of life are from the Mediterranean . Is a busy port for centuries , especially from attacks from the sea tireless years which is why the first floors doors and without windows. Can not be seen from outside the high-walled stone courtyard of indigenous fabrics , handicrafts , food is produced to share with guests .

In the bazaar “basement Sandals ” with the name of the trademarked ancient sandals like to receive almost every passenger . Glass beads are manufactured to the same methods thousand years . Production techniques of antiquity beads combine traditional Turkish ” Eye Bead ” would , protects from the evil eye . Rugs, weaving , wood carving, potters of the peninsula, in a thousand colors reflecting the artist ‘s works teem with markets. As in almost every part of Turkey’s regional , the days are determined by the market . And you’ll find authentic souvenirs and the climate where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables according to these markets is much cheaper .

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