Breakfast and Turkish Coffee in Istanbul, Turkish Coffee, Turkish Breakfast

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A Turkish breakfast of fresh bread,beyaz peynir,(goat cheese), tomatoes,cucumbers and olives is included at most hotels in Turkey.

Tea might be the beverage of choice in Turkey these days,but those in need of a coffee fix need not worry.

Most tea houses serve Turkish coffee,although you may find a better cup by going to a more upscale café,which will probably use better coffee and take the time to prepare it properly.

A well made cup should be thick and almost chocolaty,with espresso like foam on top. Turks drink their coffee three ways; sade ( plain ), orta ( medium sweet) and şekerli ( extra sweet ).

It usually served with a small glass of water and frequently,a little piece of lokum ( Turkish delight ).

Turkish coffee and breakfast

Turkish coffee and breakfast

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