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Yenifoça, taken over by the Genoese in 1275 as a dowry, was the more active of the two Foças during the Middle Ages, principally due to the region’s rich alum reserves (the alum mines of Foça were conceded earlier by the Byzantines, in 1267, to the Genoese brothers Benedetto and Manuele Zaccaria); the Genoese lease over them having been preserved well into the Ottoman era.

Another important Byzantine concession to the Genoese through dowry was the nearby island of Lesbos (to the Gattilusio family, as a result of the marriage between Francesco I Gattilusio and Maria Palaiologina, sister of Byzantine emperor John V Palaiologos) in 1355.

The possessions of the Gattilusio family eventually grew to include, among others, the islands of Imbros, Samothrace, Lemnos and Thasos, and the city of Aenos (modern Enez in Turkey.)

From this position, they were heavily involved in the mining and marketing of alum, useful in textile production and a profitable trade controlled by the Genoese.

Eski Foça stretches along two bays; a larger one named Büyükdeniz (“Greater Sea”) and a smaller cove within that large one, named Küçükdeniz (“Smaller Sea”), where the medieval castle is also located.

Many parts of the district are under strict environmental protection, due to the value of the flora and the fauna, and the beauty of the small bays and coves, especially between Foça and Yenifoça.

Therefore, a judicious way to get to know the district would be by boat tours regularly organized in partance from the town center.

Because of the protective measures, new constructions are not permitted in many parts of the district and Foça is set to preserve its unique characteristic as composed principally of old houses.

The construction project for a 300-boat capacity marina in Foça is recently tendered and started, upon the completion of which the town is expected to open to more active international tourism.

Foça is the site of one of three marine protected areas established in Turkey for the preservation of the Mediterranean Monk Seal, a heavily endangered species of sea mammals.



Foca has many places of historical and touristic trip.

Homer (the famous historian) is bestowed Foça Siren Rocks. According to him, there are many sailors who cross at one time been the subject of rumors that the rocks. Large and small, scattered image of the island has a lot of Foca.

Foca is known as the Turkish Riviera Mersin, Antalya is situated within the region dating back to Izmir, started from.

This is many domestic and foreign tourists, “blue tour” stops conducts lara or other excursions. Foça sea is very clear and clean. With numerous bays, beaches of the city are open to the public.

And other civilizations in the history of the Ottoman houses and places, the sea, fishing boats and Foca conjunction with the integrity of nature, or have a substantial impact animsatmasinda cities of the Mediterranean.



After all, able to maintain a relatively small number of old texture of all the Aegean coastal settlements in the Foca one. The two regions separated by the Old and New Foca.

Foca, ie, the Old Foca, a place to hit people at first sight. You’re looking at the sea, fishing boats in front, in the back of a beautiful blue, and put away the tiny islets.



Go back to your land, narrow stone streets, old houses and a beautiful small town with beautiful people. Foca try and wrap them all at first sight sarmalayıveriyor people. Foça Foça a story, and the story is told very well.

There was a Foça Karatas, everybody knows that nobody knows where it is. Sightseeing with this stone is no more Foça kopamıyor stepped into possible. Even though forced to do a lot a places come full circle again, Foca.

I heard this story once all the way down to Foça stops wandering the streets. Perhaps hoping to stay with Karataş of achievement in this beautiful place. If we Foça Karatas everywhere. Foça can see the dislike, not coming back Because it is not possible.

The inhabitants, the charming cities of the Mediterranean monk seal is now in danger of extinction, but the former Foça’lıların icon with the icon, horozdu. Provisions are kept, and a symbol of early awakening cock! Foca entered you will see a statue of a rooster. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago Phokaians, ie a wooden rooster statues of the ancient inhabitants of Foca councils, temples and nose koyarlarmış vessels.

Foça today is believed to be somewhere in a golden cock. Golden rooster keeps calling a lot of people for many years, the temperamental digging they found the opportunity.

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