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Noble stance of the abandoned Greek village, freely wandering goats and sheep in thyme hill, the most unlikely place you coming across small monasteries, mountains, lakes, affluent fountains, centuries-old olive trees, the sea welcomes you with pristine bays will be entered Imbros. This place is full of surprises, discovered an island. Nobody is listening and beer take to the road before …

And is a district of Çanakkale, Turkey’s largest island. North of the Aegean Sea, located at the entrance of the Gulf of Saros. 91 km. has a coastline. 950 square meters of annual rainfall – varies between 1050 mm. Located west of the island İncirburnu, Gökçeada constitutes Turkey’s most westerly point. Since July 21, Mondays and Thursdays, including 2 times per week Imbros-Istanbul flights began.



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