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As far as location, the Black Sea on the west, while the east of Thrace, which was very spacious dark, Strandja of (Star Mountains) lush forest, the blue of the Black Sea, which combines the green of oak forest is a wonder of nature waist.

When you get a day on this lost paradise what you have experienced so far, have AmAdIklArInIzI, winnings, lose what, injustices you suffered for decades, disloyalty are your disappointment, you fall, you crash, leave the moment a party that spilled. Forget about them for a moment, if you are feeling a speck in the cosmos and eternity we found this lost paradise of arms hand them yourself.

Black Sea blue, endless fine sandy beaches, lush forests, abundant oxygen, swamp forest, bird sanctuary, protection under the 7 lakes and much, much more.



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