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Keri Peninsula and the Bay of Reşadiye west , north, Ula, east of Bala Mountain, Peak Day with Montenegro and south, is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea . In Turkey, the first major port city in the west to the east is the Mediterranean coast .

A language that is connected to the shore in front of the Gulf of thin Adaköy front of him, Badr Island, Goat Island and Pigeon Island bulunur.kent of the oldest parts of the limestone structure built on a hill which juts into the sea , which is the Castle District . Marmaris and then down the hill along the shore due to the climate in your gelişmiştir.akde has a very humid air . Moist air even in winter because of Marmaris my girilebilir.konu , as well as from Marmaris to Marmaris to other centers , history and nature will facilitate the achievement of smelling beauty . Air transportation is made of Dalaman Airport is only an hour away . You want to see the places you can visit in one day join with your tour , you can continue your holiday in Marmaris again in the evening . Rhodes is only 45 minutes away .


Date of Marmaris BC Goes up to 12,000 . In 2007 Badr , on the island Nimara cave excavations in the result of the work with a material confirms this etmektedir.17 in September 2007 Marmaris Museum Press conference at } … Area Kariya name Snow ‘s country in the sense later verilmiş and the Mediterranean coast, the abundance of the region continuously is appealing . City on the Aegean islands of Rhodes and is the most important bridge . Thus, Marmaris ruled by many civilizations over time has become a place .

Trips to the region in the Chora, the island of Rhodes and civilizations, Egyptian , Assyrian, Ionian, Persian, Macedonian , Syrian , Roman, Byzantine , Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations is possible to see .

Fiskos is the first name of the city . Today we can see the ruins called Asartepe position.

The Ancient City of Marmaris

Ancient settlements of the ancient city of Marmaris is located within the boundaries of the district are as follows:

Physkos (Beldibi, Asartepe ) , Amos ( Hisaronu, Turunc) , Bybassos ( Hisaronu) , Kastabos ( Hisaronu) , Syrna ( Bair village ) , Larymna ( Bozburun ) , Thyssanos ( Willow), Phoenix ( Taslica ) , loryma ( Bozukkale) Kasara ( Sparrow Harbour ) , Kedrai (Cedar Island), Euth valve and Amnistos ( Karacasöğüt) . Including Physkos all cities, small cities of Caria . But since almost all others, the remains of the castle and the walls of the parts does not go beyond .
Physkos , Physcus , Fyskos , Fiskos , Fiskus
Fiskos the first in the region of Caria were the center of the port city and other settlements .

Fiskos Carian language ” of Doğakent ” means. This is the reason for all the elements of nature and the beauty is incorporating .

BC It is known that traces extend to the year 3400 . Of this important harbor city of ancient Caria , in the ruins of Asar hill north of Marmaris city center is seen . However, on the Acropolis walls has survived . All Karya as settlements were established on the slopes of hills and steep mountains . Beldibi settled between the hills and valleys and slopes are Camiavlu .

” Mermeris name, Marmaras in Greek , Italian (Latin A) Marmarice / Marmaris, Marmora english speaking, interest is translated by date . Marmaris name, after the Italian occupation in World War I and later used extensively was formalized with the period of the Republic .



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