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Olympos is a valley in Antalya. It is between Kemer and Adrasan. It’s names come from mount Olympos and in Turkish “Tahtalı Dağı”.

It was one of the city in Lycia federation of Roman Empire. In Lycian times the ancient port city of Olympos was one of the members of the Lycian Federation.

Because of the wealth of Olympos, it had three (compared to less wealthy cities that had only one) seats in the federation. During this period pirates was invade the city. Later, the city was rescued by the Roman commander Isauricus. The city’s wealth was due to its strategic trading position.

 Olympos Beaches

Main attractions in Olympos;

Chimaera (in Turkish Cıralı)ı is a natural wonder in Olympos. Chimera is situated 8 km from Olympos.Chimaera was another Lycian city, and is named after the mythological son of Typhon.Legend has it that the Chimaera was killed by Bellerophon who mounted Pegasus and bombarded the Chimaera with molten lead. From a realistic viewpoint, the most logical reason for the flames is that it is natural gas seeping through cracks in the earth – although scientists are still unable to discover the compounds of the gases. You can see this gorgeous view at night.


Beach: A little streams flows through a rocky gorge and reaches the Mediterranean at a beautiful beach. You can lie down on sand and relax yourself.

The ancient city of Olympos: Olympos has many antique constructions. Some of these constructions are the theatre, acropolis, necropolis, a bath, a temple etc…

Getting to Olympos:
For bus service to either Olympos or Cirali  from Antalya you can take “Antalya tour”, “Cicek tour” or ” Kumluca tour”.Cost is about 6-8ytl (new Turkish liras)per person and run from 6am until 8pm about every 1\2 hour.In the summer months they will run more frequently.Make sure you tell the driver to drop you off at the Cirali junction or Olympos.There should be no problem to get the mini bus service to the village center.

Activities in Olympos:

· Trekking
· Expeditions through the mountains,
· Chimarea tours at night
· Scuba diving
· White water rafting
· Yatch Tours

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  1. John on February 10th, 2009 2:18 pm

    Olympos has a beutiful beach. Olympos is southwest of Turkey.

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