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Its unique nature, rich with underground and surface water resources , which is one of the shining stars of the country’s tourism district of Rize which is what tourists and investors’ interest is growing with each passing year .

Counties located in Ridos thermal plant that owns the same time, Turkey Tourism Association Board of Directors is a member in November Sour , the upcoming summer tourist season from tourism have high expectations , said: ” İkizdere our district about 30 acres of land, installation of a thermal plant we have . Foreign tourists in recent years, our region has a significant interest . İkizdere ; Cimili , Anzor , Ovit have as much presence of important and beautiful plateaus . Ground and surface water resources a district where there is plenty of . An area with untouched forests . This year our very high expectations from tourism as İkizdere . Direct flight from Saudi Arabia to put our region, our region has caused an explosion in the number of tourists coming . Ikizdere tourists come especially from Arab countries heavily . Our booking an intensive driving . Ikizdere tourists here from hiking, camping tours , waterfall tours , fishing and most importantly, can benefit from the thermally-induced health tourism , “he said .


November sour İkizdere the mineral water and the thermal conductivity in terms of the rate is not unique in the world , said: ” About three thousand of our thermal water have 600 different minerals . This is very much on world standards . Sounds good to a lot of diseases . Arthritis, rheumatic diseases, skin diseases , especially be good for many diseases were detected with scientific studies . Visitors to our facility to find remedies to get rid of the disease were divided , “he said .

Tallowyl will burst GRAIN OF TOURISM

Ovit Tunnel completion of the ongoing construction of a tourism boom expected in the region with serious attention Sour ” Ovit Tunnel to be completed by the provinces of East and Southeast region between the Black Sea region will be a lot easier transport . It added the Black Sea region in terms of tourism would lead to an explosion waiting to happen . Reaching the sea of people in the east will be the easiest route . In the winter months thanks to a tunnel easily be able to come to our province , “he said .


Sour , the region’s growing tourism region with a value of tourism investors are now specifying the interest of tourism investments in the region , especially the Arabs started work to do as they pointed out ” gradually increasing investor interest in the region . Contact us going on recently . ‘re Getting serious affiliate offers . İkizdere from Middle Eastern countries , especially tourism attracts the attention of investors . Even now a lot of businessmen from Arab countries in our region have applied to make tourism investment case , “he said.



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