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Taksim Sqaure is a cosmopolitan region, communications hub, an important commercial, entertainment and shopping area for the tourists. Taksim Square is a common meeting point filled with restaurants, shops and hotels where you will truly experience modern Istanbul. The Square is also the gathering place for locals to celebrate New Year’s Eve, parades and other military gatherings.

Istiklal Street is probably the most famous street and entertainment area in Taksim, Istanbul. Many hotels and restaurants are in or near the Square and on Istiklal Street, and there is a local bus terminal for public transportation and the main subway station.

Taksim Square

Many exquisite boutiques, music and bookstores, libraries, art galleries, cinemas, theaters, cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs, coffee houses, patisseries, chocolateries, and technological centers are lined on Istiklal Street. Apart from the Grand Bazaar, Taksim is one of the best places in the entire city to buy some souvenirs. You can find shops of every kind, including clothing, books, jewelry and handmade crafts.

Beyoglu is next to the Taksim Square. It’s one of the most important tourist points and one of the most famous avenues of the city, distinguished brands of business and entertainment world serves in this area as well. You can find a brief of Istanbul in every corner, there is a hidden story of the city everywhere. Religions, languages and ethnic groups live brotherly around these premises, it’s the center of art and culture, many national, international and local activities reach art lovers through the neighborhood.

Beyoglu has a large number of foreigners of all nationalities living in this neighborhood. The area is also home to significant Turkish Christian and Jewish communities, there are several churches and synagogues. On the same street and on its side streets there are several churches such as St. Antony and Santa Maria, Armenian Churches, Synagogues, old mosques, Pera Palace Hotel.

Taksim Istiklal Street

Spend some time enjoying the lovely melodies that talented street musicians offer you and explore the side streets to give your own critiques on the local graffiti. Art can be found everywhere after all.

To the end of this pedestrian street towards Galata, there is Tunnel, the world’s second-oldest subway, connecting Pera district with Karaköy district on the Golden Horn.

From Taksim Square, you can walk all the way down İstiklal Caddesi to Tünel Square in a half hour or less. You can ride the Nostalgic Tram or you can take the Metro to the Şişhane station.

If you visit Istanbul, be sure to spend more than one day here if you don’t want to exhaust yourself.

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