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A highlight of any trip to Istanbul is one of the markets around the country is pleasant, they also give the chance to experience the country’s most vibrant and colorful.

The ancestor of them all the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, a must-see just because of its size and historical significance, of course.

Despite the attractions of this colorful ceramic bowls, and of course, wood backgammon sets, embroidered rugs back home will want to stock up on gifts is the most concenient. Remember, all of Istanbul’s markets, bargaining is the norm.

(Soon as you will discover yourself and each recipient) Every dealer, but he has his own style, some general rules governs the interaction.

Contact course for beginners too, with a much lower half to try to come back with a price I do not feel embarrassed, will offer a high inital price.

That the money being spent, so the bad manners and bad business for the seller accept the offer of a bargain or after aggressive buying Despite devline’s feel free to leave at any time. I remember, do not shop in a hurry. Bargaining is worth the time and the best deals rarely hurry.



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