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One of the best and the biggest zoos in the US is the San Diego Zoo. Dr. Harry Wegeforth, the San Diego Zoo’s founder, started this wonderful zoo in the year 1916. This zoo is also a botanical park with more than 700,000 plants. Dr. Harry brought plants and animals from all over the world, and now this zoo has become one of the most liked and visited zoos in the world. The kids love this zoo for the variety it offers. Get the San Diego Zoo coupons to save more money.

The San Diego Zoo is home to giant pandas, Africa’s lowland gorillas, tree kangaroos brought from New Guinea, Mongolia’s wild Przewalski horses, Galapagos’s giant tortoises, New Zealand’s long-billed kiwis, giraffes, emus, and many other exotic and rare species, making it an exotic and popular zoo. Watching so many animals living together and play at the San Diego Zoo is not to be missed!

Visit this zoo in a double-decker bus, and also see the smaller children’s zoo within the San Diego Zoo, which has a show of performing sea-lions, a noted attraction for the kids! It has a nursery for the baby animals, and also has a petting area where your children can hug the sheep and goats!

World's Best ZoosThe San Diego Zoo is like a safari park. It is easily accessible by car and also has guided bus tours, and you can get off the bus at 5 different spots to take a break to see the wildlife. This zoo is also called the wild animal park. The park contains a walkway and a monorail ride, which is yet another major attraction for the kids and adults. Get on the guided bus tour at early mornings when the animals and birds are most active. You can walk or take the guided bus tour. You can even take a ride in the Express Bus or take the exciting Skyfari for an aerial perspective of the park. The San Diego Zoo coupons will surely come handy if you are visiting with your family.

You can have discount coupons and San Diego Zoo coupons from the internet to see this magnificent zoo. This zoo is preserved as a natural environment for the animals, so you will not see many railings that hinder their free movement inside the park. This is a great effort on the part of the zoo-keepers as they preserve and breed these exotic animals and birds here. You may have to take more than one visits to this exciting zoo, as you may not see all the animals in a solo visit to this beautiful zoo. Also, you may like to see them at different times of the day and season!

You must see the latest attraction, Monkey Tales and Forest Tales. You will find many endangered species like the clouded leopard, pigmy hippopotamus, and of course, the mandrill monkeys here. You can take the elevated trail to see the primates, exotic birds, and beautiful plants at the higher levels.

At the San Diego Zoo, there is the Absolute Apes that has the black-furred gibbons – called Siamangs and orangutans of Indonesia. The Gorilla Tropics has a natural environment made for the lowland gorillas. Also worth seeing is the Giant panda Research Center and the Ituri Forest, which is a simulation of the rain forest of Central Africa. It has wild buffaloes, okapis, otters, hippopotamus, etc. You can see many of these using the underwater enclosure. The Polar Bear Plunge is a natural habitat simulation for the Siberian reindeer, martens, polar bears, and diving ducks!

After walking through the huge zoo, you can visit the fast-food centers and restaurants that are present and take some refreshing breaks. This is place that you will surely miss once you get back to your home, so why not visit it again on your next vacation? I bet that your kids would love to go to the San Diego Zoo again and again!

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  1. hotels in San Diego on May 19th, 2009 2:51 am

    Wow! A fabulous Zoo! Always dreamed to show my kids a real safari!

  2. Coupon codes on May 26th, 2009 12:28 pm

    San Diego Zoo sound like a great place to visit. It\’s a pity a live so far, but maybe some day 😉


  3. kemi on July 16th, 2009 6:36 pm

    love to visit but i’m in Africa.Could you include some rare animals at the front page?

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