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Best Europe Beaches

If you happen to be in Europe and wanting to be in a beach, there are a lot of great beaches that Europe offers. Beaches with coves, wonderful white sand, and great waters are some of the things best beaches in Europe offer …

Best Beach Parties

Nikki Beach has been classified by the “Observer” as the “sexiest party on earth“. Designed in a simple and elegant manner, Nikki Beach Parties bring together leading personalities from the different worlds of sport music, the arts and society. Much more than just beach entertainment, the Nikki Beach concept is a life style experience, with emphasis on good taste, glamour, style and fashion…

Best Beaches in the World

Summer time is here. It is also the best time to relax, bond with friends and have a wonderful moment and experience to cherish. There are many and different ways to spend this season. You can go fishing, hiking, camping, mountain or rock or wall climbing, travelling or one of the best options is to go swimming. Here is the list of World’s Best Beaches

Paradise Island

Spirited adventures and exciting island excursions are a welcome ritual at One&Only Ocean Club. One&Only Ocean Club harkens back to a time of simple pleasures interspersed with moments of rapture. Warm and inviting accommodation, and residential-style villas ideal for families

Best Turkey Beaches

Whenever someone hears the word beaches, the first thing that comes to mind are the places like Hawaii, Florida, as well as the place of California. But what people don’t know is that there are still many places that offer pleasing and fantastic beaches. One of them is Turkey. Finest beaches of Turkey are

Best Europe Beaches

The amazing white beaches, which are almost entirely covered with collectable sea shells, and the sparkling ocean of the Gulf of Mexico, make Captiva Island one of the best vacation spots on the planet. Captiva Island, one of Florida’s beautiful barrier island, where pirates once roamed, is now the perfect vacation spot for anyone yearning for sun, sand and all the water fun you can find. This tropical island is one of the most beautiful Gulf Coast vacation locations

Worlds Best Beautiful Beaches

A quartzite bath on the ground floor, welcomes you for a rich bath with coconut milk and fresh local flowers—a pure romantic relaxing moment. Bora Bora Lagoon Resort & Spa’s private independent suite offers a couple massage-rooms as well as a rain shower, for a traditional massage, a natural scrub or a vegetal wrap …

Turkey's Best Destinations

Tastes of Anatolia… Extraordinary, soaring rock formations. Exciting walking trails. Mysterious underground cities and rock-cut churches. A troglodyte lifestyle that dates back to the Middle Ages. Cappadocia, all this and much, much more …

Lizard Island Resort

Lizard Island Resort is a private paradise with 24 powdery white sandy beaches and a lagoon, 27km off the north Queensland coast. The island offers the full spectrum of both inner and outer Reef experiences, such as excellent diving and marlin fishing. The spectacular coral formations and abundant marine life have given this small, exclusive resort a world-wide reputation …

Spain's Best Beaches

The most of the time allocated for vacation is spent at the beaches. The reason of choosing sea vacation is to be the part of nature. So, sea with its melodious voice and refreshing waves is indispensable. Supposing that all of us are the fan of beaches, Spain becomes valuable because of having awesome beaches. Here are the best beaches of Spain

Florida Keys

Tropicalboat Charters invites you to cruise with them the beautiful blue waters of Biscayne Bay, Florida Keys, Bahamas, Caribbean, and tropical local islands of South Florida. Tropicalboat Charters offer variety of beautiful boats and yachts for any occasion…

Ibiza Beach

This wonderful group of islands is divided into Gimnesias (Mallorca, Menorca) in the North, and Pitiusas (Ibiza, Formentera) in the South-West. Located between Spain and the North Africa, these Mediterranean islands are infamous for their beaches, sunshine and nightlife. The best known and most visited, Mallorca and Ibiza which are two of Europe’s top holiday spots

Spain Vacations

The land of Flamenco, bull fights, and fantastic beaches, Spain can offer you with so much more. Spain is located at the Iberian Peninsula just southwest of Europe. Spain owns the Canary Islands on the Atlantic and the Balearic Islands on the Mediterranean

Fethiye Oludeniz Beach

Fethiye is located in SouthWest Mediterranean Turkey, connected to all other cities by three highways and reached very easily. Oludeniz Beach is surely one of the best beaches in the world. Such clean warm turquoise waters, countless shades of blue, perfect white shingle sand and nothing but sunshine for most of the year …

Gardaland Italy

Amusement has found its place in Italy. Known as the number one theme park in Italy, Gardaland is a qualified brand of its job. The amusement park attractions include four roller coasters, two water rides, a vertical freefall ride, and a selection of high-energy thrill rides. When the matter is entertainment, Gardaland is a right destination to choose…

greatest beach vacation

If you want a great family getaway, Jamaica is one of the greatest options. Jamaica is surrounded by beautiful beaches and, of course, the crystalline waters of the Caribbean. Jamaica would not also be out of hand when it comes to night life. You could enjoy great bars and restaurants, as well as dance clubs in places like Montego Bay and Negril …