World’s Best 3 Festivals, World’s Best 3 Carnivals, Carnival Rio de Janeiro, Edinburgh Festival, Oktoberfest Brazil

Choosing the best festivals in the whole world invites a list of uncountable events. Arts festival, music festival, religious festival or simply fun festival there is a huge choice offered to you. Here you may take a look at the world’s best 3 festivals:

1. Carnival, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil:
We need to introduction to this popular festival held in Rio that famous for its beaches. Partying reaches its peak during the carnival week. It is the most sensuous place to be during the carnival as you may spot some spectacular acts during this time. It is known as the modern Brazilian Carnival, which popularized during 1845. People in beautiful costumes hit the streets with a lot of singing and dancing to keep us glued. Numerous Samba schools allow people to gather up for the practice of the carnival almost throughout the year.

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2. Edinburgh Festival (August):
It is a 3 weeks long festival of arts, music and dance in Scotland. It is the largest festival of arts in the whole world, where you can glimpse into the finest in opera, music, theatre and dance in many locations in the city. This festival is your gateway into the world of arts and culture where you can confront some of the most experimental stuffs from different corners of the world. Not just the art lovers this festival is a great get way from the mundane life for the commoners as well.

3. Oktoberfest Brazil– Blumenau:
Beer lovers out there you have a reason to cheer. Out of all the events worldwide, beer lovers are crazy for this festival held in Brazil in the month of October. This city of Blumenau hosts the beer festival, which was a result of the floods way back in 1984. It is one of the largest beer festivals that has a maddening crowd that reaches almost 700,000. There is an amazing variety in the flavors of the beer found in this beer festival. It is also reminiscent of the culture of the city that hosts the event, as the flavors are true to its customs and traditions.

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