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Nothing can compare to a road trip for its sense of freedom, adventure and flexibility – it is perhaps the best way to explore any country. But in a world filled with roads and those roads increasingly packed with cars, which is the best road trip to choose for your holiday?

Car hire is the most practical way to explore any country and once you have decided on your destination, making sure you have a good vehicle at a reasonable price should be your top priority.

South Africa has become one of the world’s top targets for any intrepid tourist. It is home to the famous Garden Route – a beautiful stretch of road, which winds itself gracefully along the south east of the country, giving spectacular views of mountains and the Indian Ocean.

Australia, with its miles and miles of seemingly endless highways, is also an excellent choice for a road trip. The east coast of the country offers the most with the cosmopolitan cities of Sydney and Melbourne and the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef to explore.

However, it is the US that is the true spiritual home of the road trip and in a country so large and diverse, any tourist is spoilt for choice. And therein lies the problem: which is the best trip to choose? The Pacific Highway is near the top of the list – as is the Oregon Trail – but the route to beat all others has to be Route 66.

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Built in 1926 and running from Chicago to Los Angeles at a length of just under 2,500 miles, it is also known as the Mother Road. There have been improvements and alterations to the original route but after being decertified as a US highway in 1985, it has now gone through a revival and is firmly lodged in American’s hearts as part of their cultural heritage.

Travelling east to west is the most natural direction to take on this enchanting two-lane road. After leaving Chicago you pass through Springfield and then hit St. Louis. The city is famous for its Gateway Arch and is worth spending more than a day exploring. Other cities and towns on the route include Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Amarillo, with fantastic scenery instantly recognisable to any fans of American cinema. Life seems to move at a slower pace along this road, but this is what makes Route 66 so special. It is a link back to US history – a different place at a different time. Albuquerque and Flagstaff soon follow on the road, before Los Angeles looms over the horizon.

The beauty of a road trip is the personal experience – it’s no one else’s holiday, just yours. The flexibility means that if you are unhappy with where you are just get in your car and drive. Although an itinerary is helpful, it should only be a guide and never a rulebook. If you bear that in mind then your road trip will be one of your best holidays.

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