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People’s Republic of China , is the world’s most populous stateless . China , nearly four thousand years before the PRC , which stretches back a ‘ written history ‘ is. However, drawing on the ideographic about 6000 years ago, the remains of which have been achieved. Constitute the cornerstones of today’s civilization, paper, gunpowder, the compass and printing as well as many of the present invention is based on the origin of ancient Chinese civilization .

People’s Republic of China , both culturally and geographically evokes all sorts of interesting aspects is a tourist paradise . With their red roofs centuries-old temples , vast tea gardens, the world’s third largest river, the Yangtze River as the geographical richness of the southern coast of the world’s most attractive beach examples , Xian city, starting from the historical Silk Road and Great Wall of China as the historical monuments, the Chinese Empire from unique artifacts and symbols with modern skyscrapers in the world … All this and much more appealing to everyone tourism potential of the country affords . China’s capital Beijing, the country’s most important historical value mingled with legends host makes .

The country’s largest historic part and has owned the palace , gardens and mansions and charming Forgotten City ( Forbidden City ) , Temple of Heaven (Temple of Heaven) , the imperial countries remain Summer Palace ( Summer Palace ) and the world’s largest square, Tiananmen Square , Beijing’s are a few examples of the tourism value . Shanghai, with numerous skyscrapers competing with New York at the same time represents the modern face of the country .

Country located in the south of Hong Kong ; A fusion of eastern and western culture rich structure as well as unique beaches, rich vegetation that hosts different types of plants , giddy with sea views and tropical areas is alluring .

Invisible to do
◾ Great Wall of China
◾ Forbidden City
◾ Tiananmen Square
◾ Summer Palace
◾ Kung Fu Show

Try to do
◾ Peking Roast Duck
◾ Steamed Dumpling


Around the hill -surrounded with water and Xi’an, the ancient civilization and the birthplace of one of the most important city in northwest China .

Invisible to do
◾ Terra Cotta Warriors
◾ Horses Museum
◾ Bell Tower
◾ Drum Tower
◾ City Walls
◾ Tang Dynasty Opera

Try to do
◾ Yang Rou Pao Mo
◾ Guan Tang baozi
◾ of Fanjin



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