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Revolution , a symbol of communism , Cuba. Streets , perspectives , lifestyles and everything else in the uncharted rain forest here than perhaps an unusual place .

You may notice the beautiful and neglected houses around , everyone was sitting home state after the revolution had given him indiscriminately , but there is no such thing as zenglik one from the other house does not make luxury or groomed .

Havana until the 1960s was a center of entertainment of the American continent . Batista casinos, raving revues , had a terrific night life . Already this has been the main cause of the revolution . This crazy night life yansıtılmayın the people of the coins to the public rebelled . Batista , along with those in the vicinity of 300 million U.S. dollars in banks taking to the Dominican Republic , and from there fled to Spain .

Showed zero after the revolution treasure . And the state has confiscated everything . Movable , immovable whatever the state received from the hands of the people . Great rich living in luxury homes , along with the servants have the same rights as have been forced to live in the family home . Anyone sitting at home has become the owner of the house . Often in the middle of a courtyard house , the rooms are around . Each room belongs to a family . Kitchen, toilet and bathroom is shared. Each room has laundry hanging in front . Washed and hung , but some still appears dirty tattered clothes . A commune full of life.

Havana Cuba

Havana Cuba

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