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Macedonia ‘s capital Skopje, mosques , inns, baths , Turkish-style full of small shops . Maintains the tradition of the old Ottoman bazaar , the name is still ” Bazaar ” . ” Flea ” retains the name . Casing 15 euros at the flea market power sport boats , sport shoes I bought for $ 10 . Most people speak Turkish , eating dumplings . I often ate dumplings , called ” answer ” ( kebabs etc.) . Even though there is plenty of servings from us cheaper. 66 % of the country’s ethnic structure Macedonian , 25% Albanian , 4% Turkish . Consumer Goods and Services PPP in the group according to the comparative 2011 year price index of 37 countries of the European Union member states and candidate countries, Macedonia is the cheapest . For those who want to study abroad universities in Macedonia offers convenient options . Currency Macedonia Denar ( MKD) , and one is said is equivalent to TL 26 . Macedonia , as you can go with the tour , you can travel independently, comfortably and safely . Macedonia now become cheaper airline tickets , there are also regular buses from the bus station who Este . Today Esenler 4 of Macedonia and Turkish firm has regular flights depart Istanbul -Skopje bus prices of 40 euros , 60 euros roundtrip .

Skopje without air conditioning ( not like that here ) on a bus , a journey in sweat Gevgelija , thence passed to Doyran Hotel Polin moved to the lakeside , on the night of 15 euros. Doyran in my grandfather 105 years ago, was born in the Balkan War Serbs of brigands raid one night that he left Kayali village , I met a topographical engineer I made when most detailed maps even could not find the mountain stone wandering seniors asking found . Everyone was mobilized , hotel management, hillbilly , waiters , taxi drivers . The village already erased from the map , two fountains, ruins of a mosque , an old sycamore body , that’s all . 500 years of life remaining . What remains of a house , nor a human .

The pearl of Macedonia Ohrid

Doyran Valandovo before , then came to the monastery . Last frequently mentioned in Ottoman history , Atatürk’s look at military school where the present name of this beautiful city, Bitola . Three bus I came to Ohrid ( Ohrid) is a beautiful place , full of monasteries and quaint on the lake shore , the country’s only tourist attraction. Can get direct bus from Skopje to Ohrid . Things to Do in Ohrid in Macedonia is among the most beautiful .

I stayed here for a few days , then Albania. Ways here was even worse ! That is; us 2 hours to 4 hours driving a road in Macedonia , Albania and 6 watch. Oh my heartbroken head. Moreover, it does not get on the bus to get off at the border , two steps from here to the Albanian border , but first to ride the bus , then a taxi to go to the border . Here giant 75 -liter backpack walk up to 500 meters to cross the border , this rule . Then you will kazıklanıl an Albanian taxi driver , and then switching to 6 hours of 115 -kilometer road riddled Tirana `a will be reached .

Macedonian director Milcho Manchevski many times I watched the film Before the Rain , war films that best describes your opinion. Before the Rain affecting me so much space in the center of the 13th -century Church of Sveti Jovan below . Has a special position and history .



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