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People in Norway for a long time ” Hard people of the country , they will not be friends with … ” such rhetoric is getting bounced around . Climate may be a bit harsh , but many of the country you can turn it into an advantage as well is also available. So I’ll say it , you can easily keep up with . Now for the hard of a time when people had used better rhetoric . Maybe you have noticed that most people have , but why do people have such a turn on one of Norway and the Norwegians were identified in this way do not know . This list is about Norway and Norwegians were done to break this false perception .

Here are good reasons to live in Norway !

Directly accessible with over 240 aircraft in Europe . Norway 3 hours from Istanbul with the plane takes off . Infrastructure across the country flights daily fast and in very good condition with modern trains .

The crime rate is very low in Norway . You can walk comfortably, even in big cities . Norway ‘s rural areas to enjoy a highly secure peace .

Norway has a feature in the economy stable and has a good value for money . Accommodation and conference schedules are about to compete with other European countries . Accommodation at breakfast, internet and taxes other than there is no hidden cost .

Norway has amazing beauty and exotic nature . Balanced through four seasons ; summers are hot and winters are cold . Even in the city you will find yourself close to nature . Climate is a part of nature and nature here is the level that will impress you . Your experience can be memorable . Nature is a part of the culture of Norway on a Norwegian has always played an active role . Enjoy the fresh air , clean water, and you will not find anywhere else .

Carried out by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network World ‘s Happiness Report’s 2013 survey was conducted in 156 countries according to the report . Norway is the happiest country out of 156 countries was concluded . Bunda health , freedom and social support are also said to be the largest share . In Norway, friendly and very easy to find experienced people . Large organizations , travel or any adventure you mention this rate can be increased further .

Local and short term in Norway is a leader in the food . Completely natural, tasty and healthy food products among so memorable .

During your stay in Norway can establish very good relations with the Norwegians and their cultures can learn easily . Norwegians live quite dependent on the traditions of culture, nature and traditions are seen as a parts . Norveç’tek history and aspirations are always respected . Will take you back centuries, settlements, activities and possible to see a variety of local items .

In Norway, you are always close to something : Do you understand what I’m saying … Nature , mountains and water. Other than that, great importance is given to art . Art museums and interesting hotels in the capital, Oslo They reveal his differences with .

Although the major cities in Norway, the atmosphere is always nice to have . Enjoy the silence and tranquility of the place to go for .

Thanks to the incredible beauty of the places to your friends , family, and other people you can show you can shoot great pictures .

In Norway, which is a natural phenomenon easily you can watch the sunset . In Northern Norway during the summer you can watch spectacular beauty .

Blended with a variety of flavored potato plants mainly have a drink . Has been very effective and can be used as polish beer . – It is too heavy after all.



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