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Mission Bay

The San Diego’s Mission Bay Park area is one of the most beautiful artificially made places in the US. These San Diego attractions consist of the 4,600 acres of the once swamp area, which has been turned into an area full of recreational activities for children and adult visitors. In the 1960s, this area was a sprawling swamp, but after dredging, the authorities transformed it into a beautiful bay area. It has turned into such a lovely place that millions of visitors from all over the world has come here again and again.

San Diego Attractions At The Mission Bay Park Area

Mission Bay park area is the biggest artificial (manmade) water park in the United States. There are plenty of water activities and amusement centers across the almost 27 miles of bay front area. The Mission Bay Park area consists of approximately 4,600 acres, out of which about 45 per cent is occupied with land and the rest contains water. The Mission Beach park area is spread across all these areas and offers plenty of activities for the visitors.

There are also the very beautiful beaches like the Pacific Beach and the Mission Beach which are extremely popular tourist destinations. The beach lovers and sun-seekers turn out in millions to enjoy its all-year-around ocean-side fun and water activities. While the paddleboats, sail boats are seen in plenty, there are also the kayak lovers, Jet Skiers, and water skiers enjoy hours of ocean fun, there is a separate area for the powerboat lovers.

There are beautifully prepared areas for swimming and fishing. For those who love boating and sailing, these water sports have world-class facilities. Additionally, competitions like Jet Skiing, volleyball, beach volleyball, are conducted, and these events are conducted and participated in an atmosphere which is full of fun and merriment by all the visitors.

The San Diego attractions can never be complete without fun activities for its lovely young visitors. Children will enjoy all the attractive activities that the Mission Bay Park area offers. The entire area is very safe for the children. Even the ocean water is very calm and safe. Your kids will enjoy cycling, swimming, and skating at this place. There are watchful park rangers and the life-guards to keep a watch on children’s safety. The kids love the numerous areas for playing that are spread throughout the Mission Bay Park area.

For all the Mission Bay Park visitors, the chief attractions are the bonfire and the SeaWorld’s fireworks at night, the surfing and sunbathing during the day, and all other fun activities that seems almost endless! The cyclists can lake the scenic view of the entire Mission Bay Park area by cycling along the paved loop all along the ocean-front.

The Mission Bay Park area is also a national wildlife sanctuary, giving the birdwatchers hours of amusement. There are many species of birds here, and many of them are endangered species, now well-preserved by the Park authorities. You can see many exotic birds here. Use the Sea World Sky Tower to see a panorama of the Mission Bay and its wonderful beaches.

The SeaWorld Adventure Park here is one of the best of its kind in the entire United States. You can see the amazing killer whale, the feared sharks, the playful dolphins, penguins, bat rays, and other fascinating sea creatures. The Belmont Park area is also very beautiful. Here, you will definitely enjoy the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster, the Liberty Carousel, Vertical plunge, and the Trampoline.

The Mission Bay Park area has plenty of restaurants and many shops. This park has all the activities and amusements that will be liked by all its visitors. All other San Diego attractions around this beautiful park will also be enjoyed by your entire family and your kids will especially love the visit to this fabulous park.

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