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Amazon World Zoo Park, located on the Isle of Wight, is famous for its exhibits of various species of threatened, rare and exotic animals.

Upwards of 200 species, some of which you will not see anywhere else in the UK or even Europe, call this park home. Besides the unusual species featured.

The incredible enclosures, the park is known for its conservation efforts. A visit to Amazon World is not just an experience of interesting sounds, sights and smells, but here visitors learn about the rainforest and the threat it faces.

Keepers give a talk about an animal once every day. During these sessions, the experts give you information about the species and the named individual specimen, and will gladly answer your questions.

The list of exotic animals is seemingly endless: among others you can see lizards, snakes, crocodiles, parrots, sunbirds, monkeys, felines, rodents, meerkats, spiders, millipedes, poison dart frogs and piranhas.

Visitors are immersed in nature under the canopy of the exotic plants at the rainforest enclosure and under the blistering sun of Desert Land.

Of course you can catch your breath and have that refreshing drink or invigorating snack in the shade of the Adventurers Cafe afterwards. For more information, visit the website of Amazon World.

Address: Watery Lane-PO360LX Nr Arreton, Isle Of Wight
United Kingdom

Telephone number: 01983867122

Amazon World opening hours

Amazon World Zoo Park is opened daily from 10am except Christmas day. Closing times vary. Check in advance to avoid disappointment.

Amazon World

Amazon World

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