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Beale Park, situated between Pangbourne and Streatley near Reading, is a beautiful place to visit for its impressive wildlife and its lush gardens.

Located close to the City, it is a perfect getaway from the urban jungle and to a calm, serene environment. The park is home to some of the cuddliest.

Animals around: there are meerkats, raccoons, squirrel monkeys, lemurs, prairie dogs, alpacas and deer on display.

There are less common species of animals to be found as well. How about capybaras, world’s largest species of rodent, the red-necked wallaby from Down Under, or the Patagonian mara?
Along with mammals, the park has exhibits of birds ranging from peacocks, storks and various species of owl to more exotic species such as the Bali starling, kookaburra and the Brazilian Janday parakeet.

While the kids play at Little Tikes Village, the UK’s only Little Tikes attraction, adults can enjoy a meal at the Peacock Restaurant.

Adults will also love to go for a stroll in one of Beale Park’s gardens, where they can relax, and enjoy horticulture, fine sculptures and picturesque lakes. For more information, visit the website of Beale Park.

Address: A329-RG89NH Lower Basildon, Reading
United Kingdom

Telephone number: 08448261761

Beale Park opening hours

Beale Park is opened from February 11th till November 4th 2012 between 10am and 5pm. In the high season (April 1st – 30th September) closing time is 6pm.

Beale Park

Beale Park

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