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At Shepreth Wildlife Park you will find a variety of wild life animals. A lot of the animals that you’ll see there have been rescued. Injured or orphaned animals like foxes, doves, monkeys and rabbits have found a home here. Alongside the rescued animals are animals that come from closed down zoos.

Are unwanted pets. If you want to experience a unique trip to this zoo there’s different things you can do. Be a keeper for the day and find out what it takes to take care of the animals, you can be a junior keeper or an adult keeper.

Meet the meerkats and even feed them along with their keeper. The real daredevils can be a tiger keeper for the day. Prepare the tiger feed in the meat room and watch as the tigers hunt their prey.

All these activities come with an aditional fee. If you just want to enjoy the wildlife park just pay the entrance fee and walk around. If you’d like to do a little more for the animals you can even adopt one of them. There are different levels of adoptions and each level comes with something special. Visit the website for more information. For more information, visit the website of Shepreth Wildlife Park.

Address: Station Road-SG86PZ Shepreth, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom

Telephone number: 01763262226

Shepreth Wildlife Park opening hours

Shepreth Wildlife Park is opened daily from 10am – 6pm and closed in the month of December.

Shepreth Wildlife Park

Shepreth Wildlife Park

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